Davzo Employs a Unique, Streamlined Application Development Process

Greatness can only be achieved through accepting failure and learning valuable lessons from those setbacks. At Davzo, we understand that, having gone through some similar hardship on our own, but never once did we give up, we always stayed true to our path. We are still here to provide the best possible solutions to our clients, and the experience we gathered so far will help you reach your goals in the best way possible.

Why Davzo Is The Best Choice For You?

We have the formula that will put your app on top. If you have a dream, aim high! That is where our team of experts is going to take you. What separates us from the competition is that we are perfectionists paying attention to the smallest of details, while always looking at the big picture. We aren’t afraid to explain to our clients that there are some flaws in their vision, and we won’t pretend like they don’t exist in order to just make a decent app you could use. Instead, we will work out all the kinks, and find the most acceptable solution for you and your future users. There are some general things that we take into consideration, and here are the most important ones:

1. The Initial Discussion About The Concept

Each client is different, and that’s why we are always ready to hear your story. Why did you choose to make an app, what are you trying to accomplish, do you have any vision regarding the design, and so on. After hearing everything you have to say, our team will ask some important questions to receive additional information.

2. Summarization And Offer

Upon collecting all the necessary information about the project, our team will get together to fully discuss further plans and create an estimation regarding the project length and the required budget. Turnaround time is fairly short, as we normally get back to you in a couple of days. We pride ourselves in giving the best possible deals to our clients and we always honor the proposed deadlines. Furthermore, some flexibility is allowed on our part, as we can sometimes change our initial plans to fit the needs of our clients.

3. Developing A Complete Wireframe

Nothing is more important to an app than a well designed user interface. It doesn’t matter if your app looks amazing. If it’s complicated to use, you’ll get nowhere fast, it really is simple as that. That is why we take some extra time to develop a complete wireframe. The goal is to make an app that is so simple that even a five-year-old could use it. We accomplish this by perfecting each individual screen, while connecting all of them into one single entity.

4. Final Estimate And A Complete Timeline

Two things that worry most clients are hidden expenses and the danger of breaking the timelines. With us, you won’t have to worry about such things. Before we even start to work on the project, we make sure all the details are in place. The only thing left for you is to confirm the deal, and your app will be delivered on time and on target.

5. Milestones

Every company that is reliable should offer these terms, and Davzo will get you the best deals you could imagine. You will be able to follow as your app comes to life, and won’t have to worry if we are sticking to schedule. Furthermore, when the app reaches Beta versions, you will be the first to test it. That would be the perfect time to point out any problems you might have with it, and we will do our best to make it just right.

6. Designing And Refining The App

Even if you create the most detailed plans on how to make an app, you are bound to encounter some difficulties along the way. That is why we implement the hands on approach, testing each individual segment to the finest detail, and making sure everything works properly. Once the app is working like we want it to, out team of designers sits down and works their magic in order to create a stunning looking app to match that user flow, and create a killer product bound to succeed.

7. Making The Final Product

In this step, we take all of the different pieces and put together a unique and finished product. This is usually achieved through creating Beta versions. That’s right, you noticed we’ve said that in plural form. There can sometimes be more than one version, and we will let our clients select the one they like the most. It is their app at the end of the day. Feedback is very important to us, so don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. After that, it is only a question of making it as perfect as it can be.

8. Submitting The App

If you select our company, you won’t only get a great app, you will receive a complete product. Your only job is to have faith in us, and let us take you there. This means that not only will we create an app, but we’ll also submit it to the App Store, and make sure everything is done properly.

9. Paying Attention To Marketing

We always explain to our clients that making a good app is only half the battle. You will need a good marketing plan to fight off any competition, and we know the best way to do it. You won’t have to look further, with our tips and tricks, you will already know what it takes to reach the promised land. Remember, it’s not always the best app that becomes the most relevant one. It is the one with the most savvy business plan.

10. Taking Care Of Our Clients Upon Completition

A satisfied client is our final goal, and our relationship doesn’t end when the app is completed. We will always be there for you, making sure your app works perfectly, and even helping you reach more customers and future users. And if you would wish to work on some other projects in the future, you will always receive the best deals we can give, as loyalty means the world to us. We hope that we were able to inform you why Davzo would be the best place for your app development possible. Contact us today for any further information.

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