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A wireframe is a visual representation of how an app will look like, usually rendered in black and white. As an integral part of the app design and development process, wireframing can be compared to the sketching that a painter makes of his subject before actually drawing and coloring it. Wireframing an iOS app allows our creative team to envisage a new iOS app before our development team starts working on the app framework. More than that, a wireframe enables us to show our customers the progress we are making with their app, while encouraging feedback that helps us fine-tune the app so that it aligns to their specific needs.

Basic Wireframing

Wireframing an iOS app usually starts with a simple paper sketch. At this point, the focus is on the basic outlines of the app, how the screen space will be used, where the buttons will be positioned, and so on. The simple paper wireframe will help our creative team better communicate their ideas and improve their collaborative effort. Taking a paper-sketched wireframe to a whiteboard help us visualize how users will view and interact with the main buttons and features of the app, giving us a clearer idea of the user experience the app will provide.

Advanced Wireframing

Wireframes sketched on paper or whiteboards are only the beginning of wireframing process. They enable us to incorporate feedback we receive from our customers and gives us a better sense of direction, but they are not as accurate or as effective as digital wireframes we can create with specialized computer software. Once we know in what direction we are heading, digital wireframes enable us to create precise iPhone and iPad app wireframes that do a very good job at capturing the user flow in the app. At this point, we can create wireframes for specific features or processes within the app, such as the sign-up or log-in process. Without advanced wireframing, it is much more difficult to address potential design problems and find the most effective solutions for them.

Presenting Wireframes

Because customer feedback is an important aspect of wireframing an iOS app, wireframes have to be presented in the right format. Wireframes can be presented in several different ways, and we may use any combination of them in order to make them as clear, precise, and easy to understand as possible.

  • Static images are a straightforward way to present the general outline of a wireframe, showcase how content will be organized, and get a sense of the overall look and feel of the app design. That said, user flow can only be captured by multiple static images that follow closely the action buttons and different features and windows of the app.
  • A click-through PDF document optimized for iOS devices is often the most effective way to present wireframes, as it mimicks the user experience of the app. You can download a click-through PDF document to your iPhone or iPad, open it using Adobe Reader, and navigate it on your device in the same way you would the app.
  • An even more sophisticated way to present wireframes is to build an interactive wireframe prototype to create a mock-up of the actual user experience.

The Importance of Agile Development in iOS App Wireframing

Regardless of the type of iOS app you want to build, agile development can help you obtain better results during the app wireframing process. Agile development is all about dividing app development tasks into short phases of work and maintaining throughout the development process the ability to reassess and adapt plans according to the needs of the business, organization, or individual for whom we are wireframing the app. Apps wireframed according to agile development principles feature a simple yet potent design and are easier to update and improve after their launch.

We Can Wireframe Your iOS App

iOS app wireframing is a crucial stage of the iOS app development process, one that requires creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt and to incorporate customer feedback into the app to improve its design. Whether you want to build an iOS app that replicates the functionality of your business website or a standalone iOS app, our creative app wireframing team would be delighted to take on your project as a new challenge and meet and even exceed your expectations. Contact us now to learn more.

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