Why Build an Apple TV App?

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After numerous releases since 2006, the 4th generation of the Apple TV was launched this October. By the looks of it, people may start taking it seriously, as it is a massive leap ahead of the previous generations. The Apple TV allows for streaming via the highly acclaimed online streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) and cable channels, a new touch remote featuring Siri and most importantly – an app store. These and a number of other features have convinced us that now is the right time for iOS developers to strike. Tim Cook even went as far as saying that the future of TV is in apps. We believe that his statement, albeit heavily optimistic, holds some merit.

Do you need a TV app for your business?

Your initial reaction may be negative because doomsday predictors will say “TVs are dying out” and what have you. Ask yourself the following; do you ever see TVs not being the centerpiece of every big office or living room? What’s more, Apple is keen on improving their tvOS and allowing app makers as much room for creativity as possible. The bottom line is, as far as convenience goes, nothing beats television. Now with integration of services such as Netflix, what reason is there for TVs to decline in popularity? It’s the best of both worlds and the most logical step going forward, which leads us to our next point…

Your TV – a command center

The Internet is a playground of possibilities, now that it’s greatest benefits are slowly yet seamlessly being transferred on to your TV, the entertainment and functionality potential is at an all-time high. Smart TVs in general are disliked for their lack of control. Nobody likes clunkiness in this day and age of fast accessibility and information. However, the new touch remote with Siri integration may turn the situation around, to a point to where we may be reaching the way of life as portrayed in 80’s sci-fi movies. Say the word and your remote will deliver. You will have any information, channel or app within seconds of your request.
This makes managing your business or even homely environment all the easier, to a level where it may increase effectiveness and productivity.

The best time to strike for iOS developers

The Apple tvOS is 95% based on iOS 9, whereas the 5% in changes purely exists because your app needs to be optimized for use on a much larger, TV screen. When you take a look at some facts, it’s simple to come to a conclusion that now is the best time to brainstorm ideas, and shortly after turn them into a functioning Apple TV app.

The Google Play store has over a million smartphone apps, and iPhones and iPads are not too shabby as well. The Apple TV store, on the other hand, is yet to reach three digits in the app department. It’s much harder for your app to breakthrough when the market is oversaturated. Cold logic dictates that now, more than ever, is the perfect time to strike. A number of esteemed brands are realizing this, and have begun showing interest, which solidifies our statement even further.

What’s more is that with the right apps at your disposal, your TV may become an integral part of your company’s day to day operations. The only new requirement Apple has put forward is that regardless of what type of app or game you create, it must be compatible with the Siri touch remote. Besides that, it’s all in an experienced iOS developer’s wheelhouse. tvOS games

Apple’s influence on the market reaches towards all investors, including game developers and designers. The company looks serious about getting one step closer to bringing the full experience of gaming on a TV for the average user. Today, it is much easier to develop a game on an Apple OS then it is on other consoles such as the PS4, Xbox and Nintendo. This makes it easier for the developers to join in the competition. Shipping a game on an Apple platform today is much more welcoming to developers. A game developer will go into far less constraints when developing because of Apple’s good documentation of its API. When it comes to gaming, the youth is always the biggest target. Apple’s widespread influence across all demographics, almost guarantees that your investment will see the light of day by seamlessly reaching your target audience.

Why invest?

TV has always been the main entertainment unit in every household. It’s the thing that gathers the family together. A huge company like Apple knows exactly where to strike. We are all aware that Apple’s innovations have always exploded on the market – from the Macintosh to the iWatch, they have never failed to conquer the mainstream audience.

A device which is on almost any user’s wish list, is always worth of your investment. Yes, you are counting on the Apple TV to succeed, but how often have you seen an Apple product fail? When you think about it, even the iPod and iPhone were met with skepticism at first, which is exactly why you should act now. Apple’s never-inadequate developers’ ecosystem and no-constraints API makes it easy for developers to turn your idea into reality, and pay off – big time.

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