What to Look For when Choosing a Mobile iOS App Development Company

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Finding the right partner in business requires carefulness and ability to make informed decisions. Surely, you do not want to step into a nerve-racking cooperation that wastes your time, energy and money. By good luck, you are not the first one to create an app, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Thousands of examples in iOS app development will prompt you how to avoid the commonest mistakes and what to look for when choosing a mobile iOS app development company.

A clear roadmap of cooperation, professionalism and vast experience are among the key components you would want to seek. Measure your candidates by the factors given below, and your chances of finding the right fit will increase sharply.

Look for partners who define the communication process beforehand

Professional developers respect transparency and predictability in the whole process of app development. Even if you have missed the importance of defining mutually acceptable way of communication from the very beginning, your partner should bring the question to the table. You may have different preferences in how to communicate - via phone, skype, email, or in person. Decide on the means before proceeding. In addition, communication involves other components. How many stages will you go through? When and how often will you be given the test versions of the app? When and how can you provide feedback on the application? Answers to these and to many other questions should be made abundantly obvious by the developer. Remember that a carefully orchestrated process will contribute to the overall success of your project.

Look for your preferred language and geography

App development may last from a few months to a year (and even more!). Consequently, check if the team speaks your preferred language fluently. Pick a development company that is easy to communicate with and is located in a place which will not cause future problems.

Look for a suitable working style

Emily Heyward from Red Antler has stated, “More than anything else, chemistry matters. Creative processes are emotional, and you want a partner who you can work well with, and ultimately trust.” Working style is essential to be able to assess whether both parties are on the same board. Check if you can meet the team you are going to work with. Companies that take you seriously and are enthusiastic about the project are unlikely to refuse your request. Ask questions and discuss your own working style with the company. Start a partnership in which you feel at ease.

Moreover, find out what smartphone the team members use. If the development company has a grip in the market, they should be active application users themselves. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is essential knowledge a genuine app developer should possess. As Thawar says, "If you're telling me that you can build an app for an iPhone, then you should have an iPhone, you should be playing with the apps that you are building and also playing with other people's apps on a very regular basis." Last but not least, beware of developers who immediately agree with everything you propose and are ready to satisfy all of your caprices. A high-class development company knows app development process well enough to guide you to right decisions instead of accepting anything you offer.

Look for experience and rich portfolio

You can expect a high-grade product if you cooperate with a team which masters its craft. Unlike rookies, professionals deliver consistent quality of work, thus saving your precious time and resources. Beware of companies unwilling to share their portfolios; good companies simply love it! Ask for qualifications, certificates, CVs – anything you think can prove your partner’s professionalism and experience.

Ask for contact info of current and past clients. Get in touch with them and check, for example, if the developer’s communication was effective, whether they delivered on time and within budget, if they could work under pressure, how fast they were to solve problems and respond to change requests.

Premium companies not only boast of their experience but also of their keen insight on emerging and highly-demanded trends. They feel the pulse of the market and know customer’s demand. Cooperation with such companies will help you make decisions about many aspects of your app.

Look for enthusiasm

Observe your partner company. See if they have a propensity for developing apps. Is app development a passion for them or simply a business? People with enthusiasm will take your app to a new level. Go creative and come up with trick questions to find out if the company is the perfect fit. You can, for instance, ask the candidate team why they are willing to cooperate with you. The answer will prompt you what backs up their enthusiasm. Shared commitment and trust will ensure amazing results.

Look for an optimal balance of price and quality

Price is one of the most sensitive aspects in app development. Having said that, never look for the cheapest option. An app with many bugs will end up requiring regular revisions and cost you more money in the long run. Though each app will need updates, based on user feedback and growing requirements, you should pick a company capable of developing a quality code that will not force you to make myriad adjustments.

Look for strong social presence

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are major sources of information if you want to check the company’s presence in the mobile iOS application field. Companies with extensive connections and network most probably have already proved their effectiveness in the market. Look for the best warranty clauses

Companies confident in the quality of their product provide guarantees that you will get the product within the set timeframe and budget. In addition, they will give warranties for fixing bugs and defects discovered down the road. Check if the development company offers such clauses and get familiar with the suggested conditions.

Myriad companies are eager to create your next mobile iOS app. And that’s the challenge of picking the right one. Follow the tips given above before you take the leap. The time spent on choosing the perfect partner will help you accrue benefits when you have the app up and running. The right candidate guides you into an effective process of app development, cares about the quality of your project as much as you do, has a rich portfolio and suggests warranty clauses without hesitation. A seamless experience with the app development company hints at an app which will receive much kudos after being downloaded on your users’ iPhones.

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