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Did you know that all great things just started with a simple idea? Ideas have become a premium ticket in today’s digital world. The demand has soared for new innovations and products that will make living in this fast-paced world much easier and simpler. In the world of iOS Apps, ideas are the first step towards having a successful app. The real challenge is converting these ideas to something that customers will actually like, want, and need. Just remember that every successful iOS App started with an idea that turned into a real and popular demand.

Here’s probably the best tip if you happen to be someone who often gets ideas: carry a notebook! That first idea you have may not seem like much at first but if you have a whole notebook of ideas, you could find a common theme which could lead to something fantastic and unique – something that you could turn into a revenue-generating iOS app for millions of people around the globe.

There are several other things you can do if you want your chance to turn your ideas into a phenomenal app. Go over your notebook of ideas and:

  1. Make a short list of your favorite ones
  2. Take each idea in your short list and start looking at it from different angles

Did you know that some of the best ideas came about when it was viewed as its opposite? For instance, did you know that before Steve Jobs came up with the idea of the Macintosh, he took calligraphy and it was this art of decorative handwriting that led him to consider a computer that is not only functional but beautifully aesthetic as well.

According to a Harvard professor, Albert Rothenberg, this is an analytical process he terms as the “Janusian Thinking” which was inspired by the Roman god, Janus or the god who can see both past and future at the same time. Rothenberg believed that all great ideas and masterpieces evolved after using this thinking process and he uses the examples of the Theory of Relativity and quantum theory to prove his point. A more recent example is the work of Eric Schadt, a professor of genomics in New York who went through so much trauma and heartache with his idea – a highly respected professional who had to face criticism from peers about being on a “fishing expedition” with his idea on the relationship between our genes and disease. Your idea may not save the world from a disease but your idea could be exactly what many people are looking for now – solutions to everyday problems or situations.

With your iOS idea, there is absolutely nothing harmful in spending a few hours contemplating the opposite to your idea and seeing where that takes you.

After Deciding On the Idea to Work On

From your short list, narrow it down to the most appealing idea. You have to truly believe in the idea because you will be working on it for the months to come. Once the idea has been decided on, start working the keyboard and do extensive research especially in market research. More important than originality of idea is whether there is a market for your idea – and how big a market there is. If your iOS app targets a specific audience, then you will need to search for similar ideas or apps that are already in the market. You must also be sure to document your research properly because the research will come in handy when you get into the app development and marketing stages.

If there are similar apps in the market, study them and compare them intimately with your idea.

  1. How different is it?
  2. How similar is it?
  3. How can your app be an improvement to what is already in the market?
  4. What’s the Janusian idea to what is already in the market?

Aside from finding out what is already in the market, you can also do research on the problems that the developers went through while creating the app. Look for look holes and cracks in the apps. Then, find solutions. Part of the solution must include the identification of your target market, deciding on your marketing strategy and branding, and finding the iOS app development team that can create and build your app according to your specifications.

How to Identify your Market There are several ways you can identify your target market. In the first place, when you had the idea, the market was, more or less, part of the idea. What needs to be done next is some fine-tuning. The practical ways to do this are through surveys and more research.

You can also identify your market by:

  • Going back to the idea and asking yourself, “What does this app offer and to whom?”
  • Identify all the kinds of people who can use your app once it is in the market
  • Expand your point of view to a global perspective
  • Consider the geography surrounding your app
  • Create a demographic of the kind of people you envision using your app. For example, will the users of your app need to have a special skill to use the app?

How to Create a Brand

Eventually, you will have to consider putting a name to your idea or establishing your brand. The goal in creating a brand is to turn your brand into a household name. Or at the very least, well known and accepted among your target market. A major problem that comes with not planning your branding early and in line with the development and marketing of your app is the cost you will incur if you have to rebrand. A classic case is when you try to complicate the brand name. Keep it simple. It also helps when you ask for professional help since they have the experience, skill, and knowledge on branding apps so it appeals to specific target markets.

Developing Your App Idea

Although the bulk of the work is the development of the app, it would be remiss to put all your attention on this phase. On the other hand, trying to develop your app in 5 minutes using a template is going to hurt your financially in the long run because it isn’t specific enough to meet the demands and needs of your idea. The cost of hiring a professional team to develop your app sounds ominous and expensive but on the contrary, there are savings to be made when you get a professional team of experts to create and build your app.

Crucial at this stage is remaining true to your idea. Once you start talking about your idea with others, expect there to be a wave of counter ideas, suggestions, and critique. If you truly believe in your concept, do not allow yourself to be swayed and make it a point to get a professional team that supports your idea 100% and whose only interest is making the app succeed. Even as the app is being developed, you can start pitching the app to interested parties. You can go back and use the research you did earlier to help you sell your app. It is also at this stage when you will get technical suggestions and input from others. Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down by these technicalities. An iOS team that has a solid reputation for developing successful apps will always find solutions to stay true to your idea.

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