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Apple has spoiled us. Because of many brilliant devices that the company created over the years, we expected nothing less for the Apple Watch. It was long-awaited as well, as loyal users couldn’t wait to get their hands on this new, groundbreaking wearable gadget. And indeed, once it showed up, it looked really cool, offered many advantages over the existing non-smart watches, and the sales were through the roof. Fast forward a couple of months later, and the sales seem to be slowing down. What might be the reason for that?

This might shock many, but we believe that it wasn’t used to the fullest of its potential. Apple is a company known for releasing polished products that are always best optimized, but they dropped the ball on this one. When it was released, it had 3,500 apps already in place. This sounds like plenty, as it takes a bit of time for third-party developers to catch up. Still, that didn’t go to plan, and a few months later, we still only have around 10,000 apps available. It can be explained due to a multitude of reasons, but probably the most important one was that, with the first software, developers weren’t able to make apps directly for the watch. You had to have an iPhone, and the watch was just another way to use it. This problem was later ironed out with software updates, but it stunned the developers initially. The other major disadvantage is the screen size. It takes some time and creativity to optimize the app for this diminutive screen, so we’ll have to wait on that.

Did Any Big Retailer Take A Chance?

Big players such as Amazon and Target were the ones that tried to capitalize on this new technology. Amazon even claimed the watch would provide the easiest way to buy their products online. It only takes one push of the button to start the app, and after that you get around by using a voice interface to get to where you want to go. You can make your purchase directly from the watch, and with the new one day delivery systems available in many places, you’ll get what you wanted in no time at all. It’s a great time for all impulsive shoppers out there. The good news is that you can use this as many times as you want, as there are no silly Apple restrictions.

Ideas For Other Big Retailers

Create a profile for loyal customers. Just to give you an example of how this could work, we will talk about sports retailers. Each customer could get their own profile, where their shopping history would be tracked. Every time they enter a shop, they could get notifications which directs them to their favorite brand, new collections, or items that are on sale. Furthermore, even customer reviews could be added for each product. This would be good for the customer, as it could help them make up their mind, and the shop would work more efficiently. Consumers could also pay with one simple press of a button, and that could be the deciding factor. Loyalty cards and coupons can be awarded, which will make shoppers come back time and time again.

A unique GPS system. We aren’t talking about a full detailed map here, as the small screen size would be a big obstacle. Instead, it could use vibrations to point you in the right direction. You would be able to pick an item even before you enter the shop, and once you’re there, different vibrations could lead you to your destination. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, but a simple system that would point the shoppers in the general direction could work. Especially when it gets crowded on certain dates, such as black Friday. It can also vibrate if any of your friends are there, in case you might want to go and say hi.

Expert on demand. Creating a shopping list can be boring and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to remind you of the things you need to buy? Just imagine that you find yourself in a huge supermarket. You want to buy ingredients to make a cheesecake. It would be awesome to just start the app, say „ingredients for cheesecake“, and a list appears in front of you. It doesn’t have to relate to supermarkets only, areas that this system can cover are basically unlimited. This could work together with the before mentioned GPS system to provide you with a complete service. It is an app that could save you so much time, and give you a piece of mind, as you won’t forget to buy everything you need ever again.

Payment becomes easier than ever. This could be the main reason why people would want to buy this watch. Apple Pay is here to stay, and all the major retailers should lead the way. People from Apple though this would be a convenient option to have, but it became easily the most recognizable feature of the watch, and the most used one at that. Some of the major retailers are already in on this, even providing some benefits to their customers. It’s a good way to get a loyal client base.

No more waiting in line. If you like to buy your coffee on the way to work, but don’t want to wait in line, this could be an ideal solution. Regular customers would be able to order it even before they get to the shop, and pay immediately from the app. By doing this, your coffee would be already there and waiting for you at the exact time. And it would all be just one click away, you wouldn’t even have to use your phone.

Key Points: Eventhough Apple Watch is not that new to the market, it still feels like it’s being underused. As time goes on, it will get more advanced, and then, the sky will be the limit. Still, if you wait, the competition could be huge by then. Strike the iron while it’s still hot, and make the most of it today. Big retailers need to adapt to market trends, and the Aplle Watch might become the biggest game changer we’ve seen in a while.

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