Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Strategy

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Do you know how a mobile strategy can help your business succeed? It makes business transactions and other kinds of transactions a lot easier, friendlier, and quicker. It’s like having your business on call 24/7. How can you miss an opportunity like this to increase profits, brand awareness, and competiveness?

In 2012, about 80% of Internet users used their desktop or laptop to access the net. Last year, this figure dropped to 66% according to a Local Media Tracking Study. Mobile devices, on the other hand, grew in use among Americans from 25% in 2012 to 42% last year and by 2016, majority of Americans will be putting aside their bulky devices for something more convenient and handy.

Should You Turn Your Back on Mobile Strategies?

One of the top reasons why a business would balk at going mobile is the fear of the complex. It looks and sounds complicated especially if your knowledge of mobile communications and mobile marketing is limited to personal experiences or general information. If you have experienced frustration at accessing the Internet via your mobile phone, then the websites you could not access are those without a good mobile strategy. Most people who feel frustrated with these websites tend to abandon the websites and bring their business elsewhere. After all, the Internet is teeming with thousands of options for all kinds of products and services. If you want a thriving business, you would not turn your back on a mobile strategy. Here are 3 reasons:

  1. You will gain more customers. The Internet has changed the world and mobile Internet use has empowered the consumer. Now, no one has to stay at a desk or library to access information and anyone who stops short of a mobile strategy for their business or product will be eliminating a huge chunk of its target market. Mobile penetration is at 100% in many places with more than 7 billion people connected through their mobile devices. Google calls are “micro moments” which are influenced by mobile gadgets including wearable technology. Through these micro moments, you get this unique opportunity to connect with your customers – and how you connect with them will determine if you will gain more customers or lose potential customers forever. For these micro moments to translate to anything significant it demands immediate call to action, relevance, and addressing the needs and preferences of your customer. It improves user experience with meaningful connections in real time. Thus to be able to gain more customers, you need to care about your customers and making sure they enjoy the experience with you so much so that they want it to last longer and be more permanent. Although this all sounds easy and dreamy – it’s actually a lot of hard work that starts with an excellent mobile strategy.

  2. Your business will not struggle to stay relevant With a good mobile strategy you can offer time-sensitive promotions, try geo-marketing, be easy to access anywhere, help consumers make on-the-spot decisions, solve problems, and be an efficient assistant on call 24/7. Again, put yourself in the position of your customer. Who would you rather buy from: the business that makes the transaction inconvenient or seamless?

    To be relevant with mobile strategy, you need to have the following in place first:

    • You need to know who your customer is, offer location-based services, social promotions, and create a Top of the Mind Awareness experience or TOMA. TOMA is very relevant with today’s mobile users who see an average of close to 250 ads and marketing messages a day. According to Digital Trends, 73% of online users will do business only with a brand that makes their experience personal and relevant while 86% will transact with the business that personalizes the buying experience
    • You will need the mobile platform or hybrid ensuring that it will fully protect your customers privacy and the trust they place on you
    • You need to be ready to deliver impeccable service or goods to support your mobile strategy because a strategy is not income yet.
    • You need to be ready to listen
  3. You will not factor yourself out of the competition and all these mean you have a greater chance of growing your business. One of the risks with handling new technology and innovation is that if you stay tentative, you lose. If you treat it improperly, you also risk losing. Mobile strategy should not be an add-on to your current marketing plan. It should stand on its own. Yes, it’s that powerful!

    But it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many ways you can start a mobile strategy without incurring massive costs like:

    • Having simple info videos which is predicting to drive up to 80% of web traffic by 2019
    • By posting timely content your customers will want to see, watch, and read

Let’s Be Positive About Mobile

With Google all but ruling the search engine industry, it is critical for a business owner to know more about this search engine giant. To be seen on the Internet, you need to rank on Google and Google has a unique algorithm that determines which websites get on the top pages of a search.

Do you know that about 38% of all business websites, not including located-based searches, fail to meet the criteria of this algorithm? They can’t be found easily on Google! Also, only about 10% of mobile apps use a mobile strategy. This means these apps are online and available but not easy to find.

And being found online is critical to being successful in today’s competitive business environment. Consider the statistic that 2014 mobile use exceeded desktop use. In fact, many people have more than one mobile device and prefer to use their mobile devices to search the Internet because they can take it with them everywhere they go. One of the strangest developments caused by mobile Internet and use is that many people would be more upset to be without their mobile device than their wallet. Having a mobile strategy for your business is no longer an option. It has become a must-have.

What is a Mobile Strategy?

Mobile strategy starts with your website or app being accessible on the smaller screen. This means having a responsive web design. Second, the strategy should conform to your business goals and the needs of your clients. If you can establish these values, you will have a rough roadmap on a good foundation for your mobile strategy. With a good mobile strategy, you will be able to:

  • Target your market properly – no hits and misses
  • Budget your marketing and save on unnecessary expenses because you will have this roadmap
  • Conduct analytics which will help you plan your business growth
  • Attract investors especially if you are a startup or you have a great product and need funding
  • Be more competitive

All these will point toward being more reachable, responsive, fast-acting, efficient, and able to take on the digital customer. However, at the same time while it may sound contradictory, a great mobile strategy will be able to talk to every client and customer and still meet the needs and demands of all customers and clients. Today, it’s no longer just about telling your story; it’s also about listening to the stories of others.

Mobile use is not a fad. It is the now and the future. Mobile strategy will help you move alongside if not ahead of changes and turn you into an innovator and leader.

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