Top 10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Mobile iOS App

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Being organized and connected to customers are two major factors for every business to thrive. No wonder, people constantly look for new ways and techniques to organize core activities within companies and get closer to customers. Technology could not pass by without offering its help. Mobile apps, having revolutionized each and every aspect of our life, are becoming more and more attractive; they help to transform the way we build our businesses and communicate with one another. What reasons ensure a payoff for investing in a mobile iOS app? Take a short trip to get familiar with top 10 benefits to create a mobile app for your business.

  1. Be present and visible Where to find potential customers? How to get to them? Research states that the average American spends 162 minutes per day on a mobile device. It means that for at least 2.5 hours per day they hold their mobile devices, engaged in some activities. Consequently, to build an app means to ensure your presence on that widely used platform. A mobile iOS app will remind your customers about your brand right from their home screens. This creates better engagement, as you are always there - at their fingertips - whenever needed.

  2. Stay in touch with your customers As long as mobile devices accompany us everywhere, there is no excuse to disregard the opportunity of getting in touch with your customers and prospects through an application. Once your application is downloaded, you ensure a quick and efficient way for sharing information with your clients on the long run.

  3. Send updates right to mobile devices Consumers appreciate accessibility to news, events, sales and special offers. A mobile iOS app is the right tool to make their life easier and happier. Communicating your information through an app is the easiest, cheapest and quickest way that guarantees consumer engagement. By a push notification you can send any key news and get people’s attention in no time. Note that if you are also selling online, a mobile application is a perfect solution to enable your clients to buy products and services from their phones, right on the go, without wasting time to reach their laptops.

  4. Provide personalized customer support Be open to interact with your customers anytime, anywhere. Live chats and hotline contact numbers can save them time and efforts to get in touch with you. More importantly, they create a feeling of being served in a special, customized way (remember, people love to be treated specially!). Make the most use of one-click-call technology – a real savior when we are in a rush. Provide access not only to contact information or recent updates but also to frequently asked questions and important data people would need in case of emergency. Include maps and directions, if necessary.

  5. Build a desirable perception of your brand An iOS mobile app adds not only engagement but also value to your business; it helps you build a successful brand which enjoys its customers’ trust and love. The reason is simple: if you invest in making your clients’ experience easier and faster, they get a tangible proof that you are a customer-friendly company, eager to be closer to its audience. In addition, it is a clear prompt to them that you value innovation. With an iOS mobile app you are side by side with huge players in the market and share the same opportunities of getting people’s notice.

  6. Promote your brand without much effort People love to talk about products and services they are satisfied with. Give them a chance to share their positive experiences on social networks. Meet your customers on an app which has social media integration and you will continuously spread the word about your brand and open doors wide to broader audiences.

  7. SEO visibility: a note for future When it comes to innovation and technology, prudent businessmen do their best to anticipate future trends. Research implies that as mobile apps gain more importance, they will start affecting search results. If you implement app indexing and good SEO tactics, you create better chances to be visible in Google search results with all of its valuable assets. Get ready to enhance your business’s search presence with the help of an app.

Apps can be a great contribution to both small and large businesses, but they gain even more importance when large-scale companies enter the game with multiple tasks to handle. Mobile applications provide tools to forecast, organize and track financial flows, stay on top of the market news, and get real-time updates on any kind of activity we are interested in.

  1. Forecast, organize and track your financial flows Software programs can help you plan your financial activities by providing a forecast based on the past and current state of your business. Identify the core tasks you need assistance with, consult app developers about how a mobile application may facilitate that process and get down to designing a “software assistant” which is always at hand! Consider a caveat here: be cautious of security issues, and never reveal sensitive data. Look upon apps as smart facilitators rather than means of storing important information.

  2. Handle myriad tasks Having difficulties to handle hundreds of tasks in a day or a week? Enable yourself and your core team of decision makers to increase their productivity by developing a customized mobile iOS app for your company. Interact with one another via smartphones to make decisions much faster. Share information on which task has been accomplished, how successfully, what comes next, where you have an emergency, etc. Especially on hectic working days, you will save time by organizing and handling tasks right from your phone.

  3. Care about each employee Each of your employees deserves to get access to important updates and news. If you come up with a customized app, you can decide what information they need to increase their productivity at workplaces, during business trips, and beyond. Brainstorm to generate ideas on which tasks can be implemented and handled through an app.

Mobile iOS apps can revolutionize the way your business operates, if only you allow them to. You can always be near your customers, send messages right to their pockets, and enjoy their gratitude when they get special customer support anytime, from anywhere. Step forward by applying the benefits of mobile iOS applications to your company’s daily routine; certain organizational and financial tasks are easier to handle on smartphones. Keep in mind that creativity and dedication break the walls of set rules and standardized thinking. Come up with cutting-edge ideas and earn a reputation of an innovator, no matter how small or large your company is.

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