Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an iOS App Development Company

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Hiring an iOS app development company is a significant investment on which the future success of your app may depend. This decision can also have an major impact on your business or organization as a whole and how it is perceived by customers, prospects, and competitors. Not looking for a development company hard enough or making a compromise in order to save money can turn against you, perhaps even ruining an otherwise brilliant iOS app idea. Whether you want to develop an iOS business app, an entertainment app, a game, or any other type of app, there are a couple of big mistakes you want to avoid when hiring an iOS app development company.

  1. Choosing A Developer Based On Price Alone You probably want the best value for every dollar you spend on iOS app development, but hiring a cheap development company isn’t the solution. Outsourcing iOS app development these days can be as cheap as a few dollars an hour, but it’s important to differentiate between freelance developers who recommend themselves as development companies to attract customers, and authentic app development companies that feature an integrated team of specialists and follow a creative app development process.

  2. Not Checking Their Portfolio Successful iOS app development companies highlight on their website at least some of the apps they have developed in the past, providing a link to the app in the App Store. If the iOS app development company you’re considering hiring boasts to have successfully built apps for many clients but doesn’t back up its assertion with proof, think twice before hiring them.

  3. Choosing a Local Development Company Just Because It’s Local App development isn’t food catering. Your app can be created on the other side of the globe and still arrive at you fresh. While there is nothing wrong with looking for local iOS app development companies, focusing your search locally may severely limit your options as well as increase costs. Unless you’re building an app targeted at a hyper-local business which only a local developer can understand, you can always look for developers outside your area.

  4. Working with a Developer Than Doesn’t Understand Your Business It is easier to develop an engaging and successful iOS app if you work with a developer who specializes in building apps for companies in your industry, or at least has some experience in your industry. Without a good understanding of your objectives, vision, and audience, a developer may build an app that, although technically well-made and fully functional, fails to meet the needs and demands of your audience and doesn’t generate the engagement you expect from it.

  5. Agreeing To a Fixed Price Right From the Start Developing an iOS app is a sophisticated process that comes with many variables which fixed pricing cannot account for. As it progresses, an iOS app development project can undergo changes and new developments which were not included in the developer’s initial plans. As features are built and implemented and the user interface takes shape, new elements may be added, while others originally thought indispensable, removed. An experienced iOS web development company knows this and accounts for variables by offering you an estimate and then billing you hourly or weekly based on the actual work it does to bring your app to life.

  6. Not Ensuring Your App Idea Is Protected While your app idea cannot be protected by copyright, you want to ensure that you fully own the code that makes up your iOS app, so that once the development is finished, it cannot be used by the development company or anyone else for their own ends. Reputable iOS web development companies will protect your confidential information and yield you full rights over the code because it is in their own interest to protect their reputation. Most reputable developers will be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before the development begins, promising not to share any details about your app with anyone.

  7. Not Wireframing or Prototyping an App Before Development Development companies that do not wireframe or prototype apps but start coding them right away after you tell them your app idea will most likely fail to develop a successful app. Even the simplest iOS apps are ultimately complicated pieces of software that require careful planning and designing before they are constructed. Prototyping an app isn’t always necessary, but wireframes are indispensable app blueprints -- developers who start coding apps without a wireframe are like house builders who start building a house without a plan.

  8. Investing All Your Money In Development While essential to the success of your app, development isn’t the only factor on which the fate of your app depends. Your app may be great, but if people don’t find out about it, it won’t be downloaded. You may think that launching your app in the App Store is enough to attract interest in it, but in today’s saturated app world that’s hardly the case. Established app developers know this and can offer you iOS app marketing services that complement their development services. They can market your app on social media, app advertising networks, and other channels, as well as manage your App Store page, constantly updating and improving it to reflect changes in the app.

  9. Not Looking At the Big Picture An iOS app isn’t something that you build and then can forget about. Developing and launching an iOS app is only the beginning of the app’s life cycle, which includes constant updates and improvements that fix bugs and add new features. During its life cycle, an app may go through many different releases, some of them introducing major features or redesigns based on user feedback and the evolving needs of the audience. If you want to build a successful iOS app, you have to ensure your developer can provide ongoing support for your app on a monthly as well as annual basis.

  10. Focusing On Speed Rather Than Quality A tight deadline can motivate an iOS app development company into working faster and more productively, but at the same time it can seriously affect the quality of your app. If you want to build a successful app that can hold its ground against other similar apps in the competitive App Store, you need to give it enough time and space to grow. Just as a rose needs time to grow and blossom, so does your app, and all your deadlines should be set with this in mind. In the end, you can avoid all the mistakes listed above by carefully choosing the iOS app development company you hire, taking the time to research their services and their background.

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