Should I Hire a Mobile iOS Development Company or an Individual Developer for My App?

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So, you’ve decided to develop an App that has a huge potential for growth and earnings. However, the question for majority of mobile app companies or individuals face is how to go about developing their mobile app. The choice is simple: you can do it on your own, hire a professional, or outsource the job to a mobile iOS development company.

With the first option, yes, there are DIY mobile app makers that can be bought or downloaded from the Internet. They are mostly very basic although some of them have great template designs – a mobile app is more than a good-looking screen. Serious mobile app developers would want to take their idea to the professionals to improve the chances of the success and appeal of their mobile app.

The Pros of a Single Developer

  • More control and less security risk
  • Costs less
  • You will get periodic updates
  • No turnover problems or having to deal with the threat of a developer or the rest of the team being pirated by your competitor
  • The developer, if working in your office, will better understand the mission, vibe, and culture of the company

The Pros of Hiring an iOS Development Company

  • You have a team of experts working on your app with more experience and training collectively than a single developer
  • There is structure and organization which translates to more efficient logistics and results
  • Less chances of delay
  • Fixed costs, set deadlines with possible corresponding penalties for delays or glitches
  • The mobile app has a shorter development time

In addition, by hiring an iOS mobile development team, one that does this for a living, you get a ready-made team (the complete package!) and skip all the parts that have to do with interviewing and selecting an independent developer. Plus, the chances of a developer going MIA (missing in action) is minimal to none at all with a development company since there will always be someone to take over should there be a case of sickness or emergency leave.

Then there are the more complex reasons why a mobile iOS development company would be the better option:

They Can Deliver Complex Back-End Structure

The development of a mobile app consists of many layers to handle the complexities of an app. For instance, there should be the database layer and the web server layer supported by a queue server, chat server, file server, notifications, security, ecommerce, and cache layer to name the basics. All these layers have to interact and work together seamlessly or the app fumbles. A development firm is composed of different professionals and experts in a variety of fields related to mobile development. They work as the team – your team – and they come fully experienced having probably seen and handled all kinds of issues with app development previously. A team that can build a back end server to work with all the layers of a mobile app should be a crack team with loads of training and skill.

They Can Bring Visual Appeal

One of the most effective ways of getting your mobile app noticed by the world is by making sure it wins recognition. Awards like People’s Choice, Webby Awards, or even the Top 10 Mobile App Choices of So-and-So is a huge leap ahead of your closest competitor. You should want to be part of a development team that can deliver professional visual appeal through graphics, videos, animation, illustration, and branding.

The way your mobile app looks will determine within a few seconds whether it will be downloaded or picked by mobile users. It’s that crucial 10 seconds that a successful app has that takes it from being one of billions of mobile apps – and the visual element is what will turn that mobile app viral.

However, visual design is constantly evolving – just like technology which means the team that puts together your mobile app has to be in synch with trends and innovations. A study by an apps analytics company, Flurry emphasizes that the name of the game is grabbing and keeping the attention of the mobile user – at least long enough for them to want to download, purchase and use your app. To do this, you need to offer the complete mobile experience that touches on as many senses as possible – especially the visual senses. This year is said to be the year of interactive designs like creative buttons and icons and the right fonts. The one who will develop your mobile app has to know about this and be able to deliver something spectacular.

Presence of Rich Media

The biggest issue with rich media is getting it to work without a hitch. Not an easy task at all since it is working with advanced technology that should be able to interact with the user immediately. Rich media should be highly responsive, engaging, and well, rich. It should exude innovation, fascination, and appeal so the viewer stays glued to the mobile app’s display and want more.

It Should Have Complex Functionality

The days of mobile apps with simple ABC functions are long gone. Now, users want mobile apps that are advanced, highly technical but easy to use, and superbly functional but beautiful at the same time. On top of what the mobile app users want, the developers should also be able to provide you with the means of collating data for accurate analysis of the app’s performance and other sensitive data.

Finally, a great mobile app should be both Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and whatever other platform there is for mobile apps. Being able to develop a mobile app that can be used on multiple mobile platforms means your app can be used by the world – not just those in love with Apple products. After all, not everyone can afford an Apple phone and not surprisingly, the debate on which platform performs better in terms of mobile app revenues continues to rage on. So, wouldn’t it be great if you just cover all ground and skip that debate altogether? Thus, to answer the question, a team is better than an individual because it offers more in terms of value, ROI, and the quality and consistency of the output over a period of time.

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