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If you already know what iOS mobile application you need for your business, it is time to form a clear idea of how to develop it. Two paths are most frequently chosen: hiring developers or turning to an app development company. Apparently, there are pros and cons for both cases; however, considering several significant factors in mobile application sphere will lead you to an app development company, and here is why. You start a contract with a team that delivers professional services and holds accountability, get a high-quality code which is developed according to a determined documentation, and avoid the risk of having your app left half way.

App development goes beyond developing the code

This is a major factor not to be neglected. iOS app development implies multiple different tasks and, consequently, a large spectrum of skills: project management, code development, design, testing, launching, customer support. Choosing an app development company provides better chances for success, because companies are able to take a holistic approach to your project. They usually offer a full package of services: from creating the code to designing, from marketing to promotion. You are unlikely to find a mobile app developer who is a Jack of all trades, offering each of the mentioned services on a professional level. Companies, on the other hand, can afford to provide customized services and are motivated to live up to their customer’s long term expectations.

App development is a continuous cycle

Many of the apps fail not because they were poorly designed, but because clients fall short of realizing that app development is a whole cycle; instead, they look upon it as a one-time action. When the product is ready to be launched, you are not at all done; you have just started! This is when iOS app development companies can step in as helpful partners. They will not only create the code, but also guide in launching the product, providing customer service, fixing any bugs, etc. Few are apps that need no updates in features, design, and content after hitting the market. Undoubtedly, if you overlook the importance of these follow-up activities, you will not enjoy customer satisfaction. Freelance teams or solo developers may, of course, deliver high-quality product, but they are not consistent in the market and usually are involved only in the product’s development rather than in customer service or marketing tasks. Give your app a chance to have a long term success by cooperating with an app development company.

Documentation helps to ensure follow-up updates

Reliable companies usually keep documentations and specifications on how to develop a code, and the whole team sticks to pre-written set of standards. It means, whenever you come back for updates or revisions, the developers will be able to solve the problem easily and efficiently. Conversely, freelance teams or single engineers may create a code which cannot be taken to other specialists for further editing. Remember that app development is not a one-time action, so make efforts to find a partner who seeks long term relationships and is ready to support you after the product is launched.

Accountability and corporate values

Freelance teams and mobile iOS developers work on their own, whereas companies require accountability from their employers and adherence to corporate standards and values. By choosing a company, you are given a guarantee against irresponsible partners who may let you down in the process of mobile app development or, even worse, when you are close to having the final product. Of course, both companies and individuals may eventually prove to lack sense of accountability. As a prudent businessman or an entrepreneur, you take up the duty of looking for the developer’s history, profile and portfolio, as well as set up a clear roadmap of communication throughout the whole project in order to escape any painful experience.

One of the most wide-spread issues is the “vanishing syndrome”. Freelancers can become unresponsive all of a sudden, especially when they have come across a difficult issue and cannot find a solution. Keep in mind that app development can take from under 4 months to over a year. What if some unseen circumstances hold the developer back from accomplishing the project? Usually, single developers will not offer a replacement when they become unavailable for a while. Companies will solve such problems themselves; they are not dependent only on one or two employers.

In addition, accountability is tightly connected with ownership issues. Companies will most likely avoid using any data that will cause copyright problems in the future.

Project management and team input

A mobile iOS app developer is constrained by his or her knowledge in the field, and it is a tough task to find the one who has up-to-date information on recent trends and technologies. In case of companies, you get professional and versatile input from a team of specialists. This boosts creativity and enhances chances to come up with better solutions. Moreover, companies have working teams which are led by project managers who guide the overall process with supportive assistance. When the app is developed solely by one person, the whole responsibility lies on the shoulders of a single developer. By the way, this is one of the most frequent reasons for freelancers’ failure.

Should the price play a decisive role?

Many of the clients understand the advantages of working with a company, but choose to turn to a developer in search for one of the most desired things: low price. Mobile iOS developers suggest lower prices, while companies are forced to have higher bids. If your budget is restricted, you can turn to freelancers or small teams of engineers; hopefully, you will chance upon a developer who will design a product to meet all of your expectations at low price. No matter which path you choose, make sure the developers have provided you with a clear idea of what you are going to get, in what timeframe, and what the total budget of the project is. In addition, to get an objective overview on the developer’s skills and capabilities, nothing can be more helpful than checking already accomplished projects. Get guarantees by reviewing portfolios and requesting former clients’ references. Without this information at your hand, do not initiate a mobile app development project.

Hiring an app development company may require larger investments, but high prices are generated from expenses which are necessary to offer accountability, stability, and guaranteed quality. These three outcomes are of outmost importance for those who look for long term results for their businesses. The quality of the final product and follow-up support lead most of the clients to mobile app development companies rather than to single developers. And that’s natural. If you don’t want to compromise on quality, you will have to pay more.

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