Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Mobile iOS App Developer

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We always seek for the perfect companion in business, and that’s natural. With the right partner, it is easier to accomplish projects on a high note and overturn barriers if we come across any.

A Chinese proverb states, “to know the road ahead, ask those coming back”. Many businessmen came back from the road of app development with burnt fingers because most frequently they lacked awareness and preparation to avoid certain mistakes. When hiring a mobile iOS app developer you should be aware of commonly made mistakes and watch for certain red flags to prevent a failure.

Searching for developers only in the neighborhood

Mobile app development has long gone global. The job market is highly competitive and you can find all types of professionals with different working styles, availability and bids. Look beyond your city, country or even the continent. Do not miss your chance of finding developers, located in another part of the world, who can suggest fresh ideas, effective way of communication and a better deal. What you want is a partner who masters his craft, understands your needs and is able to build a successful app to meet your expectations.

Starting without sufficient planning

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” − Benjamin Franklin has stated to point out that planning is essential to be able to see where you are heading to, what your destination is. You would not set off on a journey in an unknown country without a map, would you? Similarly, you should not start a new project without that road map at hand. App developers should work closely with you to plan every stage of the development, making it clear for both of you what should be accomplished in each stage. The benefits call out clearly − you will have an agreed-upon plan in your hands to track the progress, make relevant suggestions for updates and control the flow of your expenses. Avoid developers who show little or no interest in the planning stage.

Failing to set a mutually acceptable way of communication

Ineffective communication can spoil even the best project. It is crucial to set rules that both sides feel comfortable with before you get down to actual work. Decide how and at which stage you should brainstorm and share ideas, how frequently you can get the test version of the app and suggest revisions, etc. You had better avoid developers who do not value the importance of setting a mutually acceptable way of interaction. Remember that low professionalism has a high cost; eventually, it will cause you troubles and frustrations in the process of app development.

Hiring developers who start coding right away

The right app developer will consider every single step in the app development process before getting down to coding. Create a specification detailing all of the possible scenarios. No room for assumptions - teams working on UI, design, analytics, development, and project management should work in coordination in the process of developing the app. If developers start coding without prior detailed specification, simply avoid them; they do not have a holistic picture of the app they are going to create and will end up costing you extra time and money. Besides, being a systematic task, app development should be broken down to smaller tasks and requirements, and specification will serve as a guide to come up with an effective plan.

Looking for the cheapest option

A long story short ─ you get what you pay for. App development requires fair investment and funding which can frighten many businessmen. On the other hand, it is much cheaper to develop a quality product once, than create a buggy app that requires myriad revisions. That’s why choosing the cheapest possible option to develop your app can finally cost you more. Of course, you should set your minimum and maximum budgets and plan accordingly, but if you want to get a high-quality app, price should play the second fiddle.

Looking for short-term partnership

Avoid developers who promise that your app will work flawlessly after launch without any need for future updates. App development is not a one-time project. Applications require close attention, regular bug fixing, and revisions based on user feedback. Consequently, you had better think of a long-term relationship with your app developer. The more trustworthy and reliable they are the more are your guarantees that the developer will take care of post-launch problems and updates.

Not checking company’s portfolio

No one would argue the importance of finding a trustworthy partner but how to guess whether you have come across the right one? The good news is – there is no need to guess. If you are not sure whether you are dealing with a rookie or a professional, look for references. Accomplished work, portfolio and recommendations from previous clients give valuable insight into developer’s style of working. The quality of the final product is usually the sum of discipline, professionalism and dedication exercised in the process of app development. Most importantly, look for relevant experience. Does the iOS app developer create apps in the same niche that you operate in? Game apps are different from apps designed for restaurants or banks. If the developer has relevant experience in your field of activity, you gain more confidence that they will not let you down.

Even the initial stage of cooperation can hint you a lot about the developer. As soon as you see a red flag, think twice before proceeding. Be open to turn to various developers until you are sure you have found the perfect match. Consider every point in this list never to make the same mistakes when you hire a mobile iOS app developer. Why to walk down the paths that have been proven ineffective? The list of mistakes can be longer but the main takeaway is: act as a professional yourself! If you set high standards and do not compromise on quality, you will find the shortest path to a qualified partner. Explore and plan. Be after competence and rich portfolio. Look no further if you have met a combination of experience, professionalism and discipline − it is the lighthouse to guide you to the right mobile iOS app developer.

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