Launching a mobile app? Here are 3 tips to make it go viral

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Going viral is the single most coveted status that all mobile application developers dreams of achieving for their app. This vision of what their applications may achieve has motivated thousands of businesses and individuals to invest their time, money and resources in creating a mobile application that can fulfill their lifelong desires and ambitions. Virality is a term that describes the enormous success of an online content, product or application. It causes a rapid increase in ratings and popularity, boosting the number of its product consumers or application users to extraordinary levels without the need for expensive marketing campaigns or additional business capital.

Major social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all started small and short on resources. But because of the built in viral designs of their applications, their user base spread like a virus, expanding to different regions and locations like a raging wildfire that can’t be stopped and controlled.

The viral status of these applications brought instant fame and fortune to their owners, making them overnight billionaires and celebrities. Their success stories have inspired a lot of people to follow their path of achieving virality. More people and startup businesses are now jumping into the bandwagon, hoping to produce a mobile application that may turn out to be the next big thing.

But the real question is; can ordinary people replicate this achievement? The answer is YES. Many ordinary individuals have already achieved their dream of creating a mobile application that has gone viral, and if one person can do it, then so can you. With proper determination and the help of an expert team of mobile application developers, it is guaranteed that you will achieve the desired goal for your app.

To help you get started, we have featured some important information that can definitely help you increase your chances of achieving your dream of creating a mobile application that will go viral. What does it mean when an application goes viral?

In the real world, a successful mobile application can be defined as an app that has achieved its purpose. The purpose of an application can either be to make money, earn recognition, help people or promote a product, website or event. The measure of achieving success can be unique to different people.

On the other hand, when we speak of the term virality in mobile application, it clearly talks about the fame and popularity of the app. An application gone viral means that it accumulated a huge number of users in a short period of time because it became very popular among mobile application users.

3 Tips to make your Mobile Application go Viral

A lot of mobile application developers have spent countless hours studying the components of viral apps. Their research involves figuring out the elements that are needed in order to duplicate an application’s success in the market. From these studies, it was found out that there are common components that show up from applications that achieved viral status. These components were mostly present on all viral mobile applications and are most likely to be the primary reasons why these applications became very popular among users.

Based on the results of those studies, the following 3 tips can help you increase your chances of making a mobile application go viral.

Tip 1: Ensure that the application that you are developing has relevant value to its target users

Whenever you are developing a mobile application, it is always important to identify your target users. By doing so, you can easily understand their needs and requirements, enabling you to accurately design a mobile app that has real value to them.

For example, if you want to create an application that targets female users who loves shopping for discounted clothes, then an application that displays the information of all nearby clothing stores in their location is not enough. To make it valuable to them, you should include a feature that alerts them of store sales and events where they can purchase discounted clothes. This additional feature of your app increases its value with your target market, and therefore, should lead to an increase interest in your mobile application.

It is also important that your application offers different value to different people. By adding another feature that alerts users of other discounted items for sale, such as furniture sale or food discounts, it will create a value to people who are interested for discounted items that are not clothes. This increases the size of your user’s market, making it popular to more people and making it easier for your app to achieve viral status. It is critical that your app provide relevant value to your user’s daily lives. It can either be entertaining to them or it can provide a solution to their daily problems. Whatever function your app is designed to do, just always remember to ensure that it provides relevant value to its target users to make it viral.

Tip 2: Your mobile application must be easy to share

One fundamental element of a viral app is shareability. Almost all applications that have achieved viral status relied on its ability to be shared among friends, family and relatives efficiently. This feature allows your mobile application to spread faster and easier, enabling it to reach different people from different regions and locations quickly. Your app should have the capability to be shared on almost all chat, email and social media sites easily. It would be a waste, if a user has recommended your app to a friend, but was unable to share it, because your app is not capable of doing it. Remember that the popularity of your mobile application is the key element needed in order to make it viral. How can it become popular if it is not visible to potential users?

If you want the existence of your application to be known worldwide, it should include features that can promote itself on various social media platform all over the world. Your app, providing relevant value and interest to users is not enough, if you are not able to inform the world that it exists.

It is also advisable that you provide an incentive to current users of your mobile application, whenever they share it to other people. You may do this in the form of In-game currency, virtual products, coupons or additional subscription time to use your application. This type of promotion scheme will allow your application to spread faster, multiplying your potential users exponentially. Just always keep in mind that a mobile application user, sharing an application to their friends and relatives is more effective than any other advertising platform that you can use to promote an application, because it adds the element of trust that comes from the user’s personal relationship with their friends and relatives, in convincing them to try it.

Tip 3: Your mobile application should have constant updates to maintain user’s interest

Your mobile application should be kept fresh all the time, in order to minimize the loss of application users. Constant improvements on your mobile apps will keep current users interested, and at the same time increase the scope of its functionality, adding new value to your app to attract new users.

In time, most applications that get an initial positive reaction from its target market losses some of its regular users after the first month. This is because old users will eventually get bored and lose their interest in the application. Without providing users with fresh content and functionality, it will be very difficult for your mobile application to grow its user base and achieve viral status. It is not enough to just attract new users, if the number of regular users of your application declines each day. You must continually update your content with new functionality and substance, in order to keep your users happy and contented. It is also wise to monitor the behavior and activities of your users to identify errors and glitches that need to be fixed. Moreover, by monitoring your users regularly, you can identify opportunities on your application and reveal areas where improvements are needed. Constant update and maintenance of your mobile application is an important step to achieve virality. You must never cease to find ways on improving your mobile application, no matter how many number of users your application currently have. Always remember that perfection is a never ending process.

Following these 3 helpful tips on how to make your mobile application go viral, does not guarantee 100% success. You still have to aggressively advertise and promote your mobile application in the beginning. These initial push will pave the way to let your app reach a certain number of initial users, which is needed to get things rolling. Once it has been achieved, the key elements mentioned above will help your mobile application attract users on its own, leading to mobile application popularity and eventually making it go viral.

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