How to Hire the Best iOS App Development Company

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hire portfolio references

Though finding an app developer is easy, finding the best fit for your business can be a tough task. While choosing a partner, you should make an informed decision, because it is the shortest way to ensure a smooth process for your app development. Get ready for research and remember that you will not carry out this task effectively by merely searching the web. Hiring an application development company will require online and offline calls, in-person and group meetings, discussions and negotiations.

Plan before starting

To save your time and resources, you should approach a company with a clear understanding of what you want. As a first step, decide what kind of app you need. Identify the platforms you want it to be compatible with: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone. Secondly, decide on features and functions your app should have, because they will significantly influence the budget and timeframe of your project. Take your time to find out which features you will not compromise on and which ones are not of primary importance. As soon as you are armed with all of the necessary information, you can set off searching the best partner. Here is a short list of what to look for in an app development company.

Check the company’s portfolio

If done accurately, checking portfolios can be very rewarding. Make most use of them to reveal every single aspect in the company’s activities. Search for app highlights they have developed, check the ratings, number of downloads, and customer reviews. Download the apps to use them yourself. Successful ones are attractive and easy-to-use, as well as meet all the requirements mentioned in the description.

Seek for client references

In the phase of negotiations, ask the developer for client references. It is a prompt way of checking how trustworthy the company is: if their team is willing to provide contacts, then they have success stories behind them. If not, be cautious of starting partnership. Keep in mind that references and recommendations are valuable sources of information about the company’s capabilities and the quality of services it delivers.

Look for quality of the code

Request coding documentation to make sure the app company uses certain guidelines to develop a clean and consistent code. Many businesses experience difficulties in the long run because they underestimate the importance of this point. Remember, if a code is well-structured, other developers will be able to implement updates whenever the need arises.

Check how you will communicate

Having your app done by deadline is essential, but having it done correctly is of no less significance. Therefore, before starting, clarify what the communication during the project will be like: does the company follow a reporting procedure? Having a look at the app early and frequently enhances trust and credibility in the working process. Furthermore, find out how often you will get test apps to actually try it on your device. All in all, if the process is transparent and the app developer itself seeks for clarity, you get more chances for success.

Find a partner who is willing to build relationships

App development is not a one-time activity: applications usually need updates in the course of time. When you have a reliable and long-term partner, it is easier to fulfill your business goals by making certain adjustments to the app. The quality of your project should be as important to the developer as it is to you. Sounds demanding, but your efforts will be paid off when such company gets on board. Good partners are not passively developing but give advice on more effective ways and methods to develop the application. Besides, experienced companies have the necessary set of skills to provide assistance through the whole process of app development: from coding to design, from defining the concept to creating the storyboard. They know that developing an app is not a mere coding.

Create a checklist

After covering the main areas, create a checklist not to miss any point. It can include the following questions but shouldn’t necessarily be limited to them:

  • What payment method will the company use: hourly or fixed price?
  • Check the business model: is it a real company or a group of freelancers working together?
  • Do the specialists working in the team have proven experience in the given field?
  • Do you have a project manager or will you manage the project yourself?
  • Clarify copyright and ownership issues: who will own the source code and the final product?
  • Can you take the code to other developers for future editing?
  • Does the company imply security and stress testing methods in order to find/fix bugs and prevent issues connected with traffic growth?

The more detailed is your checklist, the better are your chances to find the company that will live up to all of your expectations.

Last but not least, if you have no technical background, you might want to consider the necessity of having an independent consultant who will clarify certain issues and guide to hire the best app development company for your business.

Spending time on research and choosing the right partner is not a waste of time; it is an investment you should make to ensure strong grounds for the future of your business. Otherwise, you risk ending up with lost opportunities, as well as waste of time and money. Plan beforehand, consult clients’ reviews and look for reliable relationships to guarantee long-term results.

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