How Much Does it Cost to Develop a tvOS app?

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a tvOS app?

With iPads and iPhones in the market, it was challenging to think of TVs as devices that would attract app users. However, technology never ceases to surprise us - Apple TV is now an app platform.

Emerging platforms are valuable in the field of ever-growing technology – they provide vast opportunities both for startups and experienced professionals. Naturally, the question how much it will cost to build a tvOS app is asked over and over again. Though there is no exact answer to this question, the good news is – you can plan your budget if you know what determines the price of the app. Before getting down to the development of a tvOS application, consider these major factors that will affect (sometimes drastically) the cost of your app.

The price is defined based on what you require and who you choose to cooperate with. If the conditions offered seem too good to be true, most probably they are. Therefore, check and plan before starting. To give you a quote, any developer should require information and provide a rough estimate taking into account your expectations for the final product.

Features and functions of the app

What’s the nature and complexity of your app? If you have distinct answers to this question, you will find it much easier to communicate with your candidate partners and get a quote for your tvOS app. It’s crucial to have a clear idea of what your tvOS app will accomplish. Features may include shopping carts, social sharing and user profiles. Choose the options you would like to include: maps, log-in, payment, photo/video, music, messaging, task lists, activity feed, location, search, etc. Mind that admin features will add to your budget. These include approval and moderation, reporting, feedback and content management system, ticketing and user administration.

When developers know what features should be created, they can count the average number of hours it will take them to produce the app and give you a rough total. On average, an app with 5 app features and 1 admin feature will cost you approximately $30.000-$40.000.

Obviously, the type of tvOS app will determine the main features and functions you will need. TV apps can stream content from your PC to your TV, help you watch photo albums, do your daily workouts, order food from your Apple TV, play games on a large screen, choose furniture by playing with colors, styles and budget, etc. With an exclusive Siri voice communication, you can make verbal requests and get answers from Siri (find a movie even if you do not remember the title!). Thus, starting with the end in your mind will guide you to a successful tvOS app amid the abundance of features and functions.


Geography is a major factor when it comes to cost. Most commonly, the Asian markets will charge you less than the American and Canadian developers. However, professionalism and experience can be found in any corner of the world; therefore, never pick your partner only based on the price. Make sure you have checked the portfolio, learned about the working style and any related quirks of the developer to avoid future frustrations.


The cost of any project is highly dependent on another crucial factor - time. If you want your tvOS app be ready within a short period of time, get ready to pay more. Therefore, in case you are limited in budget, make sure to begin ahead of time not to spend your budget on fast turnarounds.

Post-launch expenses

While discussing the budget for your app, companies with extensive experience will prompt you the importance of post-launch expenses. To promote your tvOS app, fix bugs, make revisions, and keep app’s functionality seamless sometimes require even more investment than the development itself. Consequently, when planning your budget, make sure you have set aside the needed amount.


Set up yourself for success, and the need to cooperate with professionals will emerge naturally. Professionalism is revealed in many aspects: the way the developers communicate, the budget they require for creating the next successful app, timeframe they suggest for development, etc. In addition, good companies know that detailed processes ensure effective and mutually agreeable communication throughout app development and they dedicate time to break down projects into manageable and assessable tasks. That’s why, enjoying professional partnership costs money.

An Apple TV app has increased software capabilities which transform our experience of watching TV. Developers who are well-informed about all of the nitty-gritty details of app development will accomplish this task on a high note. As tvOS apps are relatively new to the market, finding developers who have a rich portfolio to back up their promises is no simple feat. Remember, Apple TV apps may cost you relatively little money, but end up requiring more and more to fix bugs, make revisions and updates. Make sure neither your time nor your budget is wasted by rookies.

Bank of trust

Do not start cooperation until you find a company with sufficient accolades. Developers that have great stories of customer satisfaction will charge more, but there is no better way to check if the client is reliable. Ross Rubin, Senior Director of Industry Analysis at App Annie, in one of his articles reports that “a third of the top 100 free apps by downloads in the US represent emerging TV app categories”. This provides an undeniable proof for tvOS apps rising demand. Therefore, investing in tvOS app development is a justified endeavor. However, if you want to land up with a successful app, you have to plan your budget wisely to get exactly what you are looking for. Timeframe, geography, features and functions of the app are among significant factors to determine the price of a tvOS app development. The cost of the app will also depend on developers’ experience in the field and guarantees they provide. Finding a partner who is well aware of where the world is moving to and how important it is to refresh will most probably cost you more, but it is worth the investment. Determine the scope of your project, find an optimal balance of time and budget, cooperate with competent partners and you will make your tvOS app a hit with your audience.

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