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The foundation of any successful iOS app is a solid code base. Without due attention to coding, an iOS app, even if it is brilliantly wireframed or conceptualized, will ultimately fail to deliver an engaging user experience. The problem is that few startups or businesses have the internal resources necessary to code a native iOS app, which is no small feat, considering that this process requires a solid understanding of Objective-C and Java, two of the hardest programming languages.

For many startups, as well as for owners of small businesses intending to launch an iOS app, the question of whether to learn to code or simply hire a mobile iOS app development company is a natural one that surfaces early on, before the actual development of the app begins. The cost of development is usually the main reason for this question. Surely learning to code an iOS app is more cost-effective than hiring a professional iOS app development company? Not necessarily. Learning to Code Takes Time

If you are not already an experienced coder, familiar with Objective-C and Java, the process of learning these programming languages will take at least six months of full-time study. At the end of this study, you will feel comfortable with both programming languages, but you will not yet have the experience necessary to tackle the challenging task of developing an iOS app that not only performs all its functions, but also does it smoothly, providing a bug-free and enjoyable user experience.

Real Objective-C or Java expertise requires years of training and, most importantly, hands-on experience developing apps. Do you really have enough time to learn to code and run your business at the same time? Can you afford to invest that much time in learning coding?

Coding Requires Specific Talents and Skills

More than coding expertise, however, the development of an iOS app requires a mathematical mind capable of precise logical thinking, which is an innate ability that some individuals are born with and develop throughout their lifetime to a greater extent than others. While anyone can learn to code an iOS app if he or she puts their mind to it, especially today, when user-friendly web-based tools such as Codecademy or Treehouse encourage learning coding in an intuitive way, not everyone can become a proficient app developer, just as not everyone can become a concert pianist or a professional athlete. Determination and handwork are extremely important when it comes to learning coding, but they are not enough.

There are more than 1.4 millions apps in the App Store and the number is growing each day. For your iOS app to be downloaded and enjoyed, it is simply not enough for it to exist in the App Store. It has to be intuitive and well crafted, with a well-optimized code base devoid of redundant or superfluous code that can have an impact on the user experience.

App Development Companies and Code Ownership Rights

In addition to the cost of hiring an app development company, another concern for startups and businesses interesting in building an iOS app is code ownership. “What happens with the app code base?” you may wonder. “If I stop working with that company at some point, what will happen to the code they wrote for me? Won’t they have any rights over it?”

It is important to understand that professional iOS app development companies grant you the full rights to the code they write for your app during all stages of the development process. This means that even if you chose to stop working with them, you will still retain the full rights to the code that has been developed so far. More than that, you can hire any developer you choose to pick up the work. It’s that simple.

The Pros and Cons of Coding Your App Versus Hiring an iOS App Developer

Now that we have seen that learning to code can be a long term process and that hiring an app development company doesn’t necessarily create a security risk, let us have a deeper look at the advantages and disadvantages of learning to code your iOS app yourself versus buying iOS app development services.

The Benefits of Learning to Code

  • Costs you less because it requires mostly an investment of time, although learning materials, including online tutorials, may cost money.
  • No communication overhead.
  • Possibly shorter development time.

The Disadvantages of Learning to Code

  • Takes up time that you can otherwise devote to growing your startup or small business.
  • Unless you devote years to the task, you will not obtain professional results comparable to those of a professional iOS app developer who has years of experience buildings apps.

The Benefits of Hiring a Mobile iOS App Development Company

  • Professional results which translate into an excellent mobile app that people will love to use.
  • The combined expertise of a team of iOS app developers, which may include experts from different specialties, i.e. graphic designers, software engineers, mobile development experts.
  • Valuable advice and guidance during the development process since an experienced company has worked on similar projects in the past and knows what works and what doesn’t in the app world.
  • Future updates and improvements and ongoing support for your app after launch.
  • Post launch services such as app marketing and promotion on social media and beyond, as leading mobile iOS app development companies now offer a complete range of app marketing services together with their app development services.

The Disadvantages of Hiring a Mobile iOS App Development Company

  • Higher short term development costs.
  • Third party involvement in your app development process which may raise security concerns that are, however, easily mitigated by precautionary clauses, such as full coding rights.

As you can see, learning to code an iOS app isn’t really a solution if you want to develop a successful app and launch it quickly, before a competitor comes up with something better. It is a time-consuming process that ultimately cannot yield the same results as hiring professional iOS app development services. The mobile economy, which is expected to grow to $74.5 billion by 2018 according to Gartner, is a competitive playground where fresh apps are being launched at a hectic pace, and where old apps and constantly being reinvented. The sooner you begin your mobile iOS app development project, the higher your chances of staying ahead of your competitors.

As an experienced and transparent mobile iOS app development company, we can help you develop an iOS app at a reasonable cost. Please contact us so we can discuss your project and together bring to life an app that people will love to use.

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