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Most successful iOS apps originated from clients who envisioned an idea for a great application. These ideas turned into successful apps because those clients were able to properly communicate and accurately portray their thoughts to other people who helped them turned it into reality.

However, some good ideas fails, simply because the clients who conceived them were not able to communicate their application ideas to developers, designers or team members correctly, causing confusion and misinterpretation that lead to a poorly developed iOS app.

Fortunately, these communication problems can now be easily avoided, due to the numerous tools and application solutions that are now readily available to help clients effectively communicate their iOS app ideas to different people.

Tools and applications such as prototyping tools, diagram applications and wireframing tools have now become critical components for communicating client’s ideas to developers, team members and designers, who will help them convert their ideas into a highly successful iOS app.

To give you an idea on these helpful communication tools, here are 5 easy to use tools and applications that you can use to communicate your iOS app ideas to people.

5 Easy to use tools and applications that help clients effectively communicate their iOS App ideas


Marvel is an effective prototyping tool that easily converts images, mockups and sketches into easy to understand and realistic web and iOS application prototypes. It is the perfect tool for app builders, designers, startups and everyone that needs to present their ideas to clients, companies or team members. Marvel allows any users to create professional looking prototypes in minutes, no matter what level of design skills they have. It is simple to use, fast and efficient way of creating prototypes for everyone. Marvel features

  • You can create unlimited number of projects with their free plan
  • Allows sharing of prototype designs through email, SMS and even on blogs and portfolios via embedding
  • Easily link your images from your Dropbox
  • Allows unlimited number of team members to work on your project
  • Real-time comments and annotation feature
  • Converts Android prototype into an offline app
  • Photoshop support

Marvel Plans and Pricing

  • Free Plan - $0
  • PRO - $15 per month
  • TEAM - $55 per month
  • COMPANY - $100 per month


This online diagram application enables users to easily create professional flowcharts and sketches that can be used to present ideas, share diagrams, brainstorm projects and even communicate real time with other team members through chat and commentaries.
Lucidchart provides a fast and affordable solution to your organization’s communication needs. It offers a medium that individuals and businesses can use to clearly illustrate an iOS application idea or thought-process to other team members, clients and third-party developers.

Lucidchart features

  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality
  • Compatible with any internet-enabled device and all major internet browsers
  • Built-in comment and chat system for efficient collaboration and communication
  • Reliable revision history trace system
  • Integrated diagram embedding system
  • First rate storage and security system that includes the use of an AES-256 bit encryption to protect your data and an automatic backup system that creates a backup of your data every hour

Lucidchart Plans and Pricing

  • Trial account - Free
  • Basic - $5.95 per month (paid per month) or $4.95 per month (paid annually)
  • Pro - $9.95 per month (paid per month) or $8.95 per month (paid annually)
  • Team – starting at $20 per month (paid annually) (for 5 users)
  • Enterprise – contact Lucidchart for price is a very simple online wireframing tool that is used to create iOS applications, software and website designs quickly and hassle-free. This tool has user-friendly functions and controls that enable users to create elegant layouts and designs for any type of purpose and intentions. This helpful design tool is considered one of the best wireframing tool providers available online. features

  • Simple to use click and drag functions
  • Minimal interface to avoid unnecessary distractions while creating layouts and skeleton structures
  • Provides a unique URL for each project, so that you can easily share and modify your designs in the future
  • Create useful annotations and comments with ease
  • Built-in smart suggestion feature that automatically predicts what type of design you are creating and then provides you with easy access to related commands and functions based on the type of design you are creating
  • Two templates available: browser window and mobile phone Plans and Pricing

  • Basic – Free to use

Premium Plans

  • SOLO - $12 per month or $99 per year
  • TRIO - $39 per month or $390 per year
  • ENTERPRISE - $99 per month or $990 per year


This popular application is known for its ability to generate accurate and beautiful graphics, like organizational charts, workflow diagrams and more. It allows users to create diagrammatic representation of iOS applications, websites and systems.

OmniGraffle is packed with multiple features that make the application ideal for making sketches, wireframes, documents and figures. It is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that anyone can use for creating professional diagrams and drawings.

OmniGraffle features

  • Document syncing
  • Unit Scaling
  • Custom stencils
  • Multi-page documents
  • Custom templates
  • Multi-canvas documents
  • Smart Guides
  • Spotlight Search
  • Automatic Layout
  • Visio® Support
  • Blending & Pattern Fills
  • AppleScript and Actions support
  • Blending and Pattern Fills
  • Multiple editing windows
  • Object-Geometry controls
  • Subgraph Support


OmniGraffle Plans and Pricing

  • OmniGraffle 6 License - $99
  • OmniGraffle 6 Pro License - $199


Moqups is a handy mockup builder and wireframe application online. It provides instant access to various visual tools that helps users develop and design their iOS application and website projects. Moqups is a convenient tool for any wireframing needs and requirements. It includes multiple display options that can help users create prototypes, concepts or mockups of their iOS application, website and software, with ease and confidence.

Moqups features

  • Offers a wide variety of stencil selection
  • Image and stencil customization options
  • Allows real-time collaboration on team projects
  • Multiple templates available
  • File export feature
  • Secured data and storage feature
  • Compatible with Firefox 10+, Chrome 16+, Opera 15+ and Safari 5+

Moqups Plans and Pricing

  • Free Plan – $0
  • Standard - $9 per month or $99 per year
  • Professional – $19 per month or $199 per year
  • Ultimate - $39 per month or $419 per year

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