Do’s and Don’ts when Working with an iOS App Development Company

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Having an idea one thing, but transforming that idea into a functional iOS app takes a lot of work. Of course, that’s why you hire individuals and teams to do the work for you. Naturally, not everything is black and white, you can’t just toss your idea into the wind and expect the perfect product without constant communication. There are things you must know when working with an app development team, because as skilled as they may – nobody is a mind reader.

Do plan your budget

This one comes as common sense, as its part of almost any activity out there – not just app development. You’re more than likely to receive some counseling and a rough estimation of how long the development process will take. Good developers will charge by the hour, and as a general rule of thumb the more time you invest the better your app will be. This, of course, means that more money will go out of your pocket. Make sure you’ve adequately prepared yourself financially before embarking on the development process. Also, be sure not to spend every penny you’ve set aside on the development itself. There’s also advertising and marketing to keep in mind – factors which may not be as important as the development itself, but important nonetheless.

Do create a well-thought out plan ahead of time

Once you are certain of your idea, and you’re determined on investing a sizable sum in a team that will work towards creating your app, make sure you have look at every angle and covered every basis ahead of time. Yes, building an app factors in constant communication, which we’ll touch on below, but you don’t want your team to track back on a very important feature because you simply changed your mind. This will cost significantly more time, and more importantly – money. Even minor things like Twitter or Facebook integration, or a login interface connected to an API, room for scalability – these are but some of the foundations of your app that should be kept in mind at the very beginning. You will need to define your goals, and be very specific.

Do communicate

This is a very broad point which can go in many different ways. If you aren’t able to meet with your team face to face, agree on an optimal communication media that will work for both of you. The most important thing to keep in mind is to not be afraid at pointing out mistakes. Expecting smooth sailing all the way is unrealistic, and there will likely be a few dumps down the road. This is no cause to fret, of course, as is to be expected. When you run into something you don’t like or something that is not in line with what you agreed on, communicate it to your team immediately. The sooner, the better. This will prevent further trouble down the road and less time spent on backtracking.

Don’t set unrealistic expectations

You should have an idea on what to expect once development ends, and how long will development take in the first place. One of the most common questions developers get asked is “How long will it take?”. There are many factors that go into this, and you don’t want to be pushy as you might risk quality at the cost of time.

Don’t tell developers how to do their job

We mentioned that communicating and being involved as much as possible in the development process is very important, and indeed it is. However, there are some lines you shouldn’t surpass. Oftentimes clients will cross this boundary and mistake communication for micro management, especially those with previous experience in development. You hired your team for a reason, and that’s because you can’t create the app yourself. While setting your goals in mind and making sure you point out any mistakes is recommended, don’t try to tell them how to do what they’re doing. Every developer has a different way of approaching things, and you should respect that. Only when things are clearly not in line with what you agreed upon should you jump in with a strong reaction.

Don’t treat your team like subordinates

Once you’ve started work with a development team, you’ve created a partnership. As any partnership, it needs to be nurtured. Having a healthy working relationship is very important and should not be underestimated. Not only will this help for the project you’re currently working on, but perhaps you will need updates in the future or cooperation on another project.

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