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When Apple presented this product a few months back, many thought it would be another revolutionary thing from the company that got us used to groundbreaking technologies. It was the first unique device designed by Apple since the iPad, and that was light years away. Fast forward to present time, and we see that none of those predictions were actually true. Sure, it still is a beautifully designed piece of hardware, but it’s definitely not life-altering. Sales numbers were great to begin with, but it seems like now it is stagnating a little bit.

What Went Wrong?

First of all, it is something that people need to get used to. Watches have been around for centuries, and we are just not used to wearing a smart device around our wrists. Furthermore, we are already used to constantly checking our phones, and it may seem rude to look down at your watch every time you get a new notification. In the past, when we looked down at our watch while talking to someone, it meant that they were wasting our time. However, you can control the notifications that are being shown on the watch, so this stops being a problem after you calibrate the watch to your specific needs.

Will It Ever Be A Massive Success?

That is quite possible indeed. So far we have focused on the negative sides, so enough with that. You might have noticed that these problems weren’t a huge deal-breakers, but just some common kinks that can be ironed out in the future. You would be hard-pressed to find a new technology that didn’t have some problems in the early stages. Competition is also stronger than ever, which means that smart watches probably have a bright future.

What Is Missing?

If you look at the App Store, there are currently over 10,000 apps available for the Apple Watch. That’s not a small number, but most of them don’t realize one small, yet crucial thing. This is not a phone you can wear around your wrist, it is a completely separate device. People don’t want to spend too much time looking at that small screen. There are other devices that are already being used for that.

However, none of them can offer a simple everyday usability the Watch is capable of. Make simple apps that will be easy to use. Here are a few things that the Apple Watch might be missing so far.

A Complete NFC Integration - Even though the Apple Watch supports NFC, it can be difficult to use at times. Apple currently has some limitations with their one-off token system. If a complete integration would allow you to use the Watch with, let’s say, every mass-transit system, that would be awesome.

An Unsubscribe Button For Emails - As we have previously mentioned, you can select what notifications will be displayed on the device. Emails are very important to some people. However, it can be very inconvenient to receive each and every one. There are tons of unwanted Emails that we all receive, and the Apple Watch does offer a delete button if you don’t want to read it. Still, it would be great to have a simple unsubscribe button that would also expand your battery life.

More Third Party Apps That Aren’t Dependent Of The iPhone - This was easily the biggest problem that the developers had, regarding this device. The Apple Watch itself acted like another display to control the app for iPhone, using Bluetooth technology. Advantages were that it didn’t spend too much energy to do so, and it didn’t affect the battery life. However, the problem was that it was painfully slow to launch, or even use. With the WatchOS update, this problem was sorted out. Still, we are used to receiving polished and ready-to-use products from Apple, so a lot of us were surprised that the company rushed to put it out there before dealing with any potential problems. Developers simply didn’t have enough time to produce good quality apps, and are just now starting to catch up. We can’t wait to see what they can come up with.

Best Apps So Far

Having said that, Apple Watch does have with some awesome apps which you can use right now, and here is a quick word on the best ones yet.

Citymapper - If you find yourself in one of the supported cities, this app will make your life easier. Not only that it has a detailed map of the place, it also shows you how to use the public transportation in order to reach your desired destination. It even calculates how much time would it take to get there, and how long you’ll have to wait for your bus to arrive. Best of all, it is free. Dark Skies - Here is where that notification placed on your wrist comes into play. You won’t be able to miss them as easily, like on your phone. This app is one of the best at predicting weather conditions. Sure seems like a useful thing to have, especially if you don’t have to pay extra for it.

Runtastic - One of the most awesome things about the Apple Watch is that it has the ability to measure your heart rate. Runtastic combines this with the GPS tracker from your phone, to give you the most accurate results from your workout. Ok, you will have to bring your phone as well, but if you want the proper data, it’s a small price to pay.

Sleep++ - Even if you’re not a sporty type, Aple Watch offers apps that can be beneficial to your health. Sleep++ monitors quality and duration of your sleep, and lets you know what you need to change if you’re having an unhealthy lifestyle. Developers even have instructions that you should follow in order to get the best results possible. Just Press Record - The drawback to recording with the first Apple Watch OS was that you had to use the phone to start it. Now, that’s not an issue anymore, as the app works independently, and is just one touch away at all times. You can transfer your recordings to the iPhone or upload it to Cloud.

The Final Verdict: It will take some time for people to adjust to this new technology. Apple Watch has some serious competition on the market, and it will need to be constantly upgraded to match its rivals. Third party apps might be the thing that will give provide the extra needed boost. The key for developers is to realize the potential of this device, and make an awesome, but easy-to-use app. There aren’t all that many apps on the market, so if you have a good idea, this could be the time to seize the opportunity.

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