7 Tips For Building Healthcare iOS Apps That Sell

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Do you want to take advantage of the rapid changes in technology in the field of healthcare and medicine? Your business has the potential to gain huge profits with the current healthcare mobile revolution. The industry is being compelled to change by offering high quality care at a lower cost while being conveniently online and available 24/7. According to Ted Souder, Head of Industry at Google, “Health care is one of the best places for innovation and technology as devices and products become smaller, cheaper, and faster.”

The analysis of Applause, an app testing company, reveals that in a study of 3.3 million apps, users prefer fitness and diet apps over any other apps especially on, before, or after the month of January. Not surprising that John Flavin who is the executive director for Chicago Innovation Exchange, University of Chicago agrees saying , Healthcare IT “ is going to be an increasingly important trend to watch” because of its ability to combine computing and the collection of precise diagnostic information for more effective solutions.

Clearly, developing a healthcare iOS app is the right direction to take because of the trending focus on fitness and health. And, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few tip on how to build this type of app so it has an even higher chance of being appreciated and bought by consumers worldwide.

Tip 1 and 2: Two Must-Have Features: Nutrition and Exercise

Health is all about taking care of mind and body and the best way to do this is through proper diet and exercise which means any healthcare app should incorporate these two critical elements in their app regardless of whether the app is maintenance and medication-related or preventive. Also, do not leave out mental exercise which is just as important as monitoring physical drills.

Tip 3: Crazy To Forget The Not-So-Young, the Sick, and The Marginalized

A new infographics by Go-Globe reveal that the use of mobile apps is increasing rapidly even among those over 55 and that health and fitness apps is the second fastest growing mobile app coming in only after music apps. On the other hand, according to Mobile Edge, mobile is changing lives among people who are financially-challenged which implies that forgetting about this economic group would be a big mistake. In fact, they write, 97% of people in developing countries claim that mobile use transformed their lives. But you don’t have to develop an app for people halfway around the world from you because according to a Pew survey, about 45% of American adults have a chronic ailment and low income Americans are just as four times more likely to use their mobile phones for information and submitting job applications than using the traditional methods.

Tip 4 and 5: Be Social, Be Challenging

If you want to tap into the health-conscious market, you need to make sure your iOS app rises above in terms of challenge and access to the social media channels. People who want to stay fit will want to broadcast their achievements on popular social media platforms.

Tip 6: Integrate Smart Algorithms

Healthcare apps can no longer be based on biometrics. Biometrics is important except its only tapping the basics. If you want your app to be hard core and intense, focus on performance by using smart algorithms which is providing real time feedback to the app user.

Tip 7: Don’t Forget Your Market

While the healthcare iOS app is your baby, you cannot forget your target market and work towards attracting that consumer base rather than trying to capture everyone but landing no one. Finally, one person who knows exactly why you should be developing a healthcare iOS app is Sean Ahrens. Ahrens is the CEO and co-Founder of Crohnology, founder of @Healthy Labs, software developer and designer. He says, “For the first time in history, patients are now walking around with all the computing power they need to be continually contributing their data towards research for their own cure. It’s hugely empowering.” Go, create an app that will give consumers more control over their health and fitness.

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