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In this fast paced world that we live in, people are always on the move and because of this, gadgets like tablets, phones and other mobile devices have become an invaluable tool that people use to communicate and connect with their love ones, families and friends. Mobile devices has become an integral part of everyone’s life and thus turning it into a critical marketing mechanism that businesses use to capture the interest of their target market.

This is the reason why mobile applications developed into one of the most important aspect of business operations. The demand for businesses to adapt to the changing environment of their customers is so high that they are now focusing on how mobile apps can transform the way they do business in order to cope up with the changing demands of their consumers. However, finding ways to adapt and utilize your mobile application to capture the attention of these new breed of customers is not that simple. Your mobile application needs to be creative, interesting and practical in order to fulfill the demands of your target market. Furthermore, it also needs to be useful and effective to be successful.

Luckily, we are featuring some examples on how companies use mobile applications to transform their business successfully. These examples should help you formulate new ideas on how to make your mobile applications assist you in adapting to the new way people do their transactions.

Examples of how companies use mobile apps to transform their businesses

Mobile apps helps facilitate easier business communication

Amplify Entertainment, a wedding and events DJ Company based in Florida, uses a cool mobile app that allows event guests to directly request songs to the DJ’s on-site iPad via their mobile devices. This application makes it convenient for guest to communicate directly with the DJ, eliminating the need for strenuous procedures and making the event guess more involved in the activity. This type of mobile application can help businesses smoothen communication with their customers, encourage useful feedbacks and promote better merchant-buyer relationship.

Mobile apps can improve your customer experience

Domino’s Pizza is using a mobile application that lets customers order food through their mobile devices. This application also features a built in tracker that allows customers to track the progress of their order from preparation up to the delivery process. Furthermore, it allows customers to customize their orders and meals easily and conveniently. This type of mobile application does not only provide easy access to your business products, but it also enhances your customer’s experience and satisfaction.

Mobile apps can provide customers with easy access to products and services

One of the top architectural rolled zinc suppliers, VMZINC, has put into operation a mobile application that allows their customers to view the company’s zinc products through smartphones and mobile devices. This app is capable of letting customers view, filter and sort their products easily and can even allow them to view the latest project location of the company. This type of mobile application provides an ideal way of giving your customers convenient access to your business products and services, making them available to your target customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobile apps can enhance your employee training program

Red Robin, a chain of restaurants specializing in gourmet burgers, created a mobile application that is designed to encourage its employees to be more engaged with their company’s training program. The app features interactive games and simulations that promote a more hands-on approach from their staff. This type of mobile application enhances the effect of your company’s training program, increasing the interest of your employees and effectively capturing their attention.

Mobile apps conveniently allows your team members to get new tasks and assignments

Before TrendSource, a top marketing research company, implemented their new mobile application, their field agents manually submits the data for their assignments to their system. But, with its deployment, agents now effortlessly find new assignments and input their findings on their mobile phones, saving precious time and resources that can be used on other tasks that are needed by the company. Using this type of mobile app for your business can not only speed up your operation and save your resources, but it can also increase your company’s productivity and sales.

Mobile apps can simplify the inventory process

Midland Medical, a distributor of medical supplies in Nebraska, uses a wonderful mobile application that manages the inventory of their company. Before it was implemented, their inventory process involves an employee jotting down their inventory on paper and then entering them into the system. But with the new mobile app, employees can just easily scan the new inventory using their mobile phone’s Bluetooth scanner and it is automatically encoded into their system. Companies can use this type of mobile app to simplify their business processes and speed up their transactions.

Conclusion No matter what type of business you are engaged in, a well-designed mobile application can definitely help improve the way your business operates. Utilizing a good mobile app can speed up your business processes, improve marketability and increase the number of your customer base.

However, developing and creating the mobile application for your business must be done with careful preparation and planning. If you do not have the proper team of experts to create your mobile app, then it is recommended that you get in touch with a professional mobile application development company to help you prepare and develop the right application for your business.

Need a professional mobile application development team? We are here to help. A good mobile application can definitely help transform the way you do your business, and we at Davzo can help you realized this dream.

Our expert team of mobile application developers has been helping businesses improve their procedures and processes for many years now, and because of this, they have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience that can be used to help your company create and develop a custom mobile application that can transform your business and improve its performance.

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