5 Common Misconceptions About Mobile iOS App Development Projects

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Mobile apps have been around for quite some time now, and have gained huge popularity. If you want to start a successful business today, the necessary thing to do is to create a good app which will showcase your company in the best way possible. People around the world are beginning to recognize this as a fact, but there are still a lot of loose ends and misconceptions. This can lead to complications when building an app. First of all, clients may have some plans that are impossible to create, and therefore can put a stop to the project from the beginning. However, even worse from that is that they can change plans mid way through, and make the project impossible.

These are the 5 most common misconceptions the clients have:

Small number of screens equals simple app

It doesn’t matter if it comes to a small startup company or a big powerful one, they all have one thing in common. They assume that the sheer number of screens determines the complexity of creating an app. Don’t get us wrong, these two things are connected, but not as tightly as most people seem to think. Apps that contain a large number of screens usually take up more time when it comes to designing aspects. What really drives the cost of the app to go up is the tough process of integrating the front end with the information on display. The best example can be found with the login page. Even if it’s quite easy to design, connecting database with imported user data, and going through authentication is not that easy. Besides the basic password check, there are a lot of other stuff to think about, such as creating the proper error page, how many attempts of login should you have before the app locks, and if that happens, how to create a process that unlocks it once again. And that is just a beginning to every app. A quick rundown: There is more to the app than what meets the eye. Style and looks are just small parts, the main thing is the infrastructure that allows the app to be functional and provide a good experience for the future users.

Just creating an app is enough to start a business

Sorry to disappoint you, but you are not the first person to think of this. Most of these people look at „Uber“ for instance, thinking that they built an empire on one great app alone, and they now want their chunk of the estimated $40 billion industry. However, they neglect the fact that there is a whole business behind it, and that the app is just the centerpiece that brings it all together. Think of the app as a medium between your business and the customers. If you create a nice and comfortable way for them to use it, chances are they will keep coming back to you. Still, to do that, you must first create a good product before you sell it. A quick rundown: Running a business is all about efficiency and a good quality app can bring it to another level. Before you do that though, make sure you have a complete business plan sorted out, as app alone won’t do you much good if your business can’t keep up.

My job is to build it, and clients will come

Apps can be a gold mine for sure, but first you must put yourself in a good position to succeed. Think of it as a basketball team with great players that are badly coached and won’t work together. Chances are they won’t get the job done. The same goes for the app. It doesn’t matter how good it is, if it doesn’t have a base of loyal users, you won’t get anywhere. At first, one of the most important things to do is to create a focus group. Once you do that, it is a matter of providing the best possible experience to your clients. After a certain period, expand your focus group more and more and increase the number of users. A quick rundown: Patience is the key word here. It sure won’t happen overnight, but if you create a good strategic plan, and be persistent about it, with quality marketing to help you along the way, you will put yourself in the best position to succeed.

I’ll just upgrade someone else’s idea

Even if this might seem like a good idea to many, the main problem is that you will always be one step behind your competition. Take into account that by now they already have a solid number of users, and that you have to take it away from them, which is not an easy task if they’ve grown accustomed to one platform. Another thing to avoid at all cost is to go for one of the giants, such as Twitter or Instagram. They are there for a good reason, have a very loyal user base and a huge number of employees. You will have to invest a huge amount of money just to try to edge them out. But you’ll probably fail, none the less. A quick rundown: A fresh idea is your best chance. The giants are called that for a reason. Those companies invested a lot of time and money to get to where they are now, and they won’t go down without a battle. If you still want to upgrade someone else’s idea, don’t be a small fish in a big pond and aim a bit lower.

Agile means I can always have small tweaks here and there

There is no denying that this statement is correct. However, the problem occurs when it comes to understanding what this actually means. Agile development allows for some minor changes along the way, without the effect on the budget or timetable. However, when these changes are monumental, if affects these things as well. Similar to building a house, apps also have some basic blueprints for main development, and that foundation is here to stay once the project is granted. Agile project allows clients to have an impact in the way the app is designed, and exclude stuff they consider unnecessary or add certain things which they prefer instead. Before creating an app, a team of experts sits down with clients in order to create this blueprint and determine the main needs of the app. After these basic fundamentals are determined, everything else is added. Difficulties ensue once the client decides to change his mind midway through and go in an entirely new direction. This causes rewriting of the app which in most cases makes all the previous work useless, as it brings extra costs along. A quick rundown: Before you go into the process of creating an app, make sure you have all the details in place. Find out what are the changes you will be able to make along the way, just to avoid any future problems. Agile projects can be great if used properly.

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