10 Reasons Why Apple's HealthKit is a Huge Deal

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If you’re looking to break into the iOS app market, then you should know that the demand for health-related apps is on the rise. People from all over the world are looking for ways to have a healthier lifestyle. Now, with Apple’s Healthkit, the market and opportunities for health-related apps just grew wider.

As a backgrounder, the iOS 8 Healthkit of Apple, which came out last 2015 alongside HomeKit, is a developer framework for iPhones that can be used to quantify personal data and enable one to interact with smart devices. For example, if you have the Apple Watch, you can tap Healthkit to use as your central data hub on all things related to your health such as heart rate and workout results.

With Healthkit, you have an integrated health solution that keeps all health data in one place. You can link it with different apps making an exciting golden opportunity if you are into app development.

Since its launch, a number of iOS apps have been downloaded by millions of people which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering 98% of individuals with money place health as their top priority. Based on a global study of life’s priorities, Americans value life satisfaction and health most while in other developed countries, health was either 2nd or 3rd priority.

Here are 10 reasons why the Healthkit of Apple rocks:

Comparing Healthkit with the iOS Health app

There is one main difference between Healthkit and iOS Health – Healthkit is easier to use. The dashboard is user-friendly and presented in a very organized manner. You will also notice that with Healthkit, more can be done and retrieval of data is simplified because the partitioning of information has been eliminated. Now, the apps and third party health apps can “talk to each other” and if there is one defining requirement among consumers with regards to apps, it’s this: it has to be easy to use and convenient because consumers don’t have to scramble around different apps to get health data since it is automated.

Security is Partly Controlled by the User

The security of Healthkit is partly in the hands of the app users. Consumers have control over the data they want shared. Plus, Apple is well-known for being a stickler for local storage which means data is never sold or shared by Apple.

Numerous Apps Work with Healthkit

Keeping in mind that with the iPhone 5s’s M7 motion coprocessor, it can track movement and provide information on calorie burn based on your physical characteristics (height, weight, age). If you want to create an app for the iPhone 6, you have more options because it has greater capacity to store information such as blood pressure and heart rate. Apps for smart devices are also great ideas because they have advanced sensors which should allow you to create an app that records more detailed health information. Aside from automatically tracking your health information, Healthkit is also available for apps with manual data input.

Health Device Providers and Health Providers Support It

The app you develop will be supported not just by Apple but also by health device manufacturer and providers such as WebMD, iDevices, Mayo Clinic, Fitbit, and Withings. Apple is working on expanding Healthkit to enable users to send their health data to their doctor or health provider which adds another layer of convenience for users.

Multiple Options on the Kind of Apps that can be Developed for Healthkit

Here are some ideas for apps that can be developed using Healthkit:

  • Workout and fitness information including blood pressure, weight, calorie intake, reminders for warm down and warm up, workout cycles, and even a quick break to hydrate and eat a small snack
  • Dental hygiene and all that this entails including check-ups, reminders on oral care, information on special dental needs like braces, gum disease, and others.
  • An app for diabetics so they can monitor their blood sugar, heart rate, diet
  • An app for those suffering from allergies which can include places, food, and products to avoid
  • An app on new research and products being launched since many consumers love the idea of being the “first to know”
  • An app for weight gain/loss that can be matched against other medical and health information such as fitness, diet, nutrition
  • An app that keeps historical medical data so users don’t have to rely on their doctor’s secretary or have bits of paper scattered all over the house. An app you can share with doctors since most doctors appreciate seeing historical data in order to make a sound medical decision
  • An app that knows exactly how many calories are being consumed based on a menu or photo
  • An app to remind users about medicine to buy or order which should help save time and money and eliminate the need to rush out and buy emergency supplies
  • An app that can control temperature, monitor sleep patterns, and sleep hours

Health Apps are in Demand

Since 2012 and up to today the demand for health apps has not abated. In fact, consumers want mobile health apps because of an intense pursuit for a healthier lifestyle among the youth and mature adults. But consumers want health apps they can trust and grow with them and Apple has a fantastic reputation for being consumer-oriented.

The Seniors are more Tech-Savvy but Want Simple-To-Use Health Apps

Baby boomers are now seniors and they are demanding apps for their age category. In fact, seniors are believed to be a huge gold mine with 74% of seniors now tech-savvy and willing to spend on health care and maintenance.

Need for Medical ID

There is now a growing need for medical information on-the-go as people are traveling more and need their medical data within arm’s reach. It also helps that there are now more wearable devices. From 16% of consumers using wearables, it is now over 33% (2014) and 40% share their medical information with their different specialized doctors. Many consumers now have more than one doctor that they run to for consultation unlike in the 60s and 70s when one family doctor was good enough for all medical woes.

If Apple is Creating the Framework, Then …

Apple will not venture into a new product that they do not believe will be successful. And if Apple believes in this product, you should too. This is one company that is known for creating opportunities for others to be successful. There are many apps that can be developed because the demand is there and the demand is global. If you have an app idea and you want to run it by some expert app developers, let’s chat.

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