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As Joey from the television show „Friends“ once pointed out, „If you don’t own a TV, what’s all your furniture pointed at?“. TV sets have also become a thing of beauty with the latest sleek designs and a use of fancy materials. With the development of technology, most people can now afford a huge flat screen TV, which provides a great viewing experience. However, devices now offer so much more than just a simple streaming or broadcast, and the latest among them is the new Apple product. The updated software brings intriguing possibilities and Apple officials are encouraging developers to submit their ideas for tvOS apps. If your idea is approved, it will be placed in the App Store, and here are some of our suggestions for it:

Simultaneous Video Streaming

If there is a possibility to watch split screen TV, why not use it to its fullest potential? On one screen you can monitor live streaming from your front door camera, and the other can be used to watch the activity of your children and make sure they’re safe. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do that while watching your favorite sports team from the comfort of your couch? It sure sounds like it could be useful.

A Complete Body Workout

Workout videos have been around for quite some time now, so is there something new you could bring to the table? Of course, there is always room for improvement. For example, it would be great to use the app which has many preset mods, but is also adaptable enough to suit your needs, and develop a workout routine specifically for you. In this way you would feel the interaction process and it would help you be more engaged.

Board Games

Most of the time, playing board games on a computer is a complete mess. The basic interaction is somewhat lost, and the game loses much of its charm. There are some more problems that can be found, as playing multiplayer games can be an impossible task. However, if each of the contestants is able to connect their phone to the TV, it opens up a lot of possibilities, as some things now can be hidden from your competition. All players can share common ground through the TV set, which would bring the whole thing together. Most card games can be played in this way, as well as Charades, Scrabble and many more.

Interaction During Sporting Events

Is the future here yet? For many years, this idea has been nothing more than a dream, but with the development of technology, it now seems like we are closer than ever. How great would it be if you were able to choose the camera angle that you prefer, and switch it at any time during the broadcast? Or take it one step further and follow a particular player, or specific part of the court with cameras switching automatically to provide you with the best possible experience. This would certainly be groundbreaking, as it would provide watching experience never seen before.

Proximity Sensor

What a great idea Iron Man. Similar to what this movie superhero had, one of the possibilities includes building a system that recognizes your, let’s say mobile device, and sets up the mood even before you walk into the room. You won’t even have to move a finger, and the TV will already be playing your favorite music or radio station. It could remind you that your favorite team is playing, and where can you find the broadcast. The best thing is that it could be personalized differently for each person in the household, and it could raise the comfort level for everyone.

Learn A Language

We are not talking about some elaborate program that is meant to replace your child’s teacher altogether. Instead, create a game that uses words from a targeted language and incorporate that into gameplay. One of the best ways for kids to learn is through play, and this could be a perfect way to do so. Everybody loves a good game of finding the exact words in a sea of letters. Even a better game would be finding hidden objects, but the word that points to it would be in a foreign language with a brief explanation. That would be a terrific way to put images and words together.


Viral videos are created daily and people enjoy sharing them with each other. The key word here is simplicity, as it can be a drag to change between your computer, smartphone and TV all the time. With this app, TV can act as a medium between people, allowing them to add their own songs and videos to the queue. Not only that you can share it with members of your household, but you can show it to your friends when they come as well.


Futuristic movies often show a world in which the machines have taken over a lot of jobs from people, and this could be one of the first. It can be hard to imagine how, but bare with me on this one. By installing a TV with an app like this, in a movie theatre for example, visitors can see what seats are already taken and what are available and at what prices. Furthermore, they could even be allowed to buy a ticket of their desire using a different app altogether. It’s only a matter of connecting the data collected from the seats and displaying them to the screen at the entrance.

Upgraded Shopping

Television has been used for years in marketing purposes as a great way of targeting large demographic population. However, now it goes further than ever, as TV screens with high definition can demonstrate the product more accurately, even in real size. This opens up a lot of options for retailers, as they can now bring their products right to your doorstep. You won’t even have to leave the house, and with a custom designed avatar with your body measurements you will be able to see how a certain dress suits you from various angles.

Connect All Of Your Devices

We are already seeing this now, but we are talking about a complete integration. For example, TV recording your favorite show and then sending it to your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth. This can come in handy if you have to take a long road trip, but have some spare time on the road. Every minute is precious, and if you could program your devices to do this by themselves, it would be that much better. The upshot: Some of these ideas are far fetched for sure, but others aren’t that distant from reality. Every thinking process doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to reality to be a good idea. As technology moves forward who knows what can happen. It is at least fun to dream.

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